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Christmas Toilet Paper - Assorted Designs

Ships from Oakville, On.

Holiday decorating isn't complete til you've added Christmas Toilet Paper!

Our humorous, holiday bathroom tissue will be a great addition to your washroom's crappy décor. Makes a memorable stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!

Choose your style below:

Santa on Toilet - See Santa smile as he does his business. Even the big guy up North needs a little "leisure time" to himself.

TP'd Christmas Tree - Santa is "decorating" a Christmas Tree in toilet paper. Looks like HE should be on the Naughty List!

Sh** Happens - Kind of speaks for itself, right?

North Pole Conga Line - Santa is celebrating another sucessful year with his furry pals!

Smile for Santa! - Maybe Santa hasn't heard about selfies yet!  Wonder what he's taking a picture of?!