There's nothing quite like the warm flicker of candlelight on a cold winter's night. Our selection of Christmas candles will take you back to holidays past, when things moved a bit more slowly.

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  • Clark Griswold German Christmas Pyramid

    Rusty's Wooden Christmas Pyramid Carousel - 14-Inch

    Decorate like the Griswolds! Clark had four of these traditional German pyramids in his home. Cousin Eddie breaks a big one, but this is an example of one that's a bit smaller. Here’s how they work: First you light the candles at the base of the...

  • German red pyramid candles box of 50 Pyramid Candles - Box of 50 - Red or White

    Red German Pyramid Candles - Box of 50

    This box of 50 premium quality RED pyramid candles will keep your favourite traditional German Christmas decoration spinning all season long. Measurements: 2 5/8 inches tall 14 mm diameter (9/16 inches).  Imported from Germany. PLEASE NOTE: these...

  • Flicker Flame Candle with Remote White LED Flicker Flame Candle with Remote

    4" White LED Flicker Flame Candle with Hint of Blue

    These battery-operated flicker flame candles have a real-wax exterior and a very realistic amber flickering flame, with a hint of blue light. (Unfortunately, our photo of this item doesn't capture the tinge of blue, but it looks great in-person!) The...

  • Christmas Vacation Griswold Tall Candle

    Christmas Vacation Griswold Tall Candle

    Make those dark winter nights a little brighter with our new National Lampoon Christmas Vacation candle! This glass candle features an image of the Griswold Family Station Wagon and reads: Griswold Family Christmas.  It also features the Christmas...

  • Flameless LED Flickering Candle

    Flameless Flickering LED Candle

    These flickering LED candles make the perfect addition to any table or decor, without the fire hazard. Requires 1-CR2032 3V (included). Details: Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches Materials: Plastic  

  • Flicker Flame Candle Christmas Tree Lights 7 Light Flicker Flame Candle Set

    Flicker Bulb Christmas Candle Set of 7

    String up some nostalgia on your tree with our set of seven flicker bulb candles. Each replica candle includes a plastic clip so you can easily attach the light string to your tree or garland. Sure to create a magical atmosphere this holiday season. ...

  • John Lennon Secular Saint Candle Front View John Lennon Secular Saint Candle Back View

    John Lennon Secular Saint Candle

    Show your devotion to John Lennon, the patron saint of peace and chance, with this colourful votive. The front of the candle features an image of John Lennon, while the back shows his patronage, saint's day (October 9th) and a unique prayer to inspire...

  • Mini Shimmer Lighted LED Lantern

    Mini Shimmer Lighted LED Lantern

    Our mini shimmer lantern is reminiscent of Victorian Christmases, when carolers, holding lanterns to light their way, spread holiday spirit with music.  The candle simulates a flickering flame while sparkles dance around...

  • Nordic Design Candle Holders Out of Box Nordic Design Candle Holders in box

    Nordic Design Glass Candle Holders

    These Nordic design glass candle holders come in a set of three, and are suitable for votive or tea light candles. Each candle holder features a festive phrase such as stay cozy, let's snuggle and warm up! Details: Dimensions: 2.4" x 3.1" Materials:...

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    Now: C$7.99
  • Rainbow Colour Drip Taper Candles Set of 2

    Rainbow Colour Drip Taper Candles Set of 2

    It's the candle with a surprise inside! Our white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of five different colors. To fully enjoy the confetti-like formations that form as the candle drips, try wedging it into a wine bottle or other candle holder. They are...

  • Christmas Chimes Angels - Brass Christmas Chimes Angels - Silver

    Swedish Angel Christmas Chimes (Brass & Silver)

    Relive the joy of Christmas past by introducing the tradition of Swedish Christmas Chimes to your family! Our beautiful and festive decorations will add to the ambiance of your warm home during the Christmas season. When you light the four candles...

  • Baucmkerzen Christmas Tree Candles, 20 pack

    White Tree Candles, 20 pack

    These white candles are the perfect size to fit you Christmas tree candle holders. These unscented candles will give your tree the perfect glow this holiday season. Make sure you arrange the candles on your Christmas tree wide enough from each other in...

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