Special Edition: Pokémon Berry Bolt Cereal

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Box slightly damaged in shipping. 

Once upon a time, Kellogg's released a limited edition Pokémon inspired cereal (est.2000). Back by popular demand; 22 years later, the popular franchise teamed up with General Mills for an all-new breakfast cereal. Two decades after the first Pokémon cereal launched, it seems as though the new breakfast snack has evolved into something better - much like a real Pokémon. Centred around Ash's #1 sidekick and our favourite character, Pikachu! 

Featuring a blend of red & blue sweetened corn puffs with a fruity berry flavour, accompanied by adorable orange & yellow marshmallows! Fun-shaped marshmallows are reminiscent of Pikachu's character and his lightning bolt tail for an exciting nostalgic experience. Includes a game and trivia questions! Play a fun mix & match game called "Evolution Confusion" on the backside of the box! Test your memory by matching the fully evolved characters with their pre-evolution baby characters. Challenge your knowledge and skills with the Trainer Trivia on the side of the box! Do you know where trainers take their Pokémon to heal? Find out if you're right with this special box of cereal! 

The ultimate breakfast snack that will take you down memory lane and back. Nintendo fans will be raving over this exclusive new Pokémon cereal with Pikachu making a grand entrance on the frontside of the box. You can almost hear him saying "Pichu, Pichu!" A special edition cereal to get electrically excited for. 


  • Each box is 450 grams (15.9 oz) 
  • Packaging: Full coloured illustrated cardboard box 
  • Licensed by: Nintendo and General Mills