Do you have a potty mouth? If you think bathroom humour is hysterical, then we have some Christmas-themed bathroom funny stuff for you! Deck your bathroom with Christmas cheer like funny Christmas toilet paper, the Redneck Christmas Tree toilet plunger and other stinky holiday gifts!

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  • Christmas Story Leg Lamp - The Major Award (50") Fishnet Stocking Detail Christmas Story leg lamp shining brightly in front of shipping cartons. Our happy family of leg lamps.

    "The Major Award" Leg Lamp (50")

    Unfortunately, due to the worldwide logistics crisis, we have not been able to source this product in 2021. We hope to have this product again next year. Note: Due to the oversize nature of the larger leg lamps, we don't offer Free Shipping on this item...

  • Miss Snow Cones Naughty Ornament Naughty Miss Snow Cones Ornament

    Miss Snow Cones Naughty Ornament

    Miss Snow Cones sure has a nice set of cones! This "naughty" ornament make the perfect gag, bachelorette or white elephant gift! Details: Dimensions: Approximately 4" tall  Materials: Unglazed ceramic  Gold string to hang from the...

  • Toilet Hockey Box Toilet Hockey  Toilet Hockey Set

    Toilet Hockey Game

    He shoots he scores! This Toilet Hockey game is the perfect way to bring the game with you anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Toilet Hockey comes with a rink mat, a hockey stick, two pucks and one net. Details: Ages 4+ Rink Mat is 72cm long Pucks are...

  • Christmas Jokes Toilet Paper Packaged View Christmas Jokes Toilet Paper Unpackaged View

    Christmas Humour Toilet Paper

    Fill your bathroom with laughter with this fun slogan toilet paper featuring phrases such as Nice Baubles!, #NaughtyList, and Yo Ho Ho! Add to your own bathroom this Christmas to surprise guests or as a quirky gift for a friend...

  • Sack of Shit novelty

    A Sack of Shit

    Who do you know what deserves a sack of poo? Probably more than a few! These four man-made turds (but not the way you think - these are a wood composite) are a hilarious alternative to a lump of coal. Details:  Turds vary in size from 2" to...

  • Merry Christmas A**hole! Lump of Coal Gift Holiday Lump of Coal for Assholes

    Merry Xmas A**hole Lump of Coal

    A wonderful way to take care of gifting this holiday season. A hilarious novelty lump of coal on a red stand that is ready for you to give to the naughty ones on the Christmas list. It's a great gift for the hard to shop for A**holes in your life. Made...

  • The Floater Poop Gag The Floater Poop Gag

    The Floater Poop Gag

    Splish, splash there's poop in the bath! The Floater Prank Poop will float in hot tubs, bathtubs, pools and more! Freak out your friends with this corny poop gag. Details:  Approx 10.5" Foam with realistic texture (eww!)

  • Under the Mistletoe Belt Under the Mistletoe Belt

    Under the Mistletoe Belt

    Give your special someone a huge hint as to what you want for Christmas with this Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Belt. Complete with adjustable belt and mistletoe.  

  • Crapper Claus Naughty Sweater on Her Crapper Claus Naughty Sweater - Rear Crapper Claus Naughty Sweater - Close Crapper Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Crapper Claus Funny Christmas Sweater by Funqi

    Hey, big guy, remember to lock the bathroom door next time, would ya? Looks like this year the nice list is getting presents and the naughty list is getting... coal-ons? All of your pure thoughts about Santa have been flushed down the toilet after...

    MSRP: C$59.99
    Was: C$59.99
    Now: C$29.99
  • The Willy Warmer Packaged View The Willy Warmer Unpackaged View

    The Willy Warmer

    Prevent embarrassing shrinkage when the temperature drops (or when your most important extremity pales in comparison to the rest of you). Our Willy Warmer is a hysterical gift for any occasion! It’s a heater for your peter! Details: Dimensions:...

  • T.P. Roll ornament

    Toilet Paper Personalized Ornament

    Know someone who loves Toilet Humour?  This is the ornament for them! Our talented artists will personalize it with a name, year and funny message. Let us know what you want to see, and we'll make it happen! Details: Dimensions: Approx 4"...

  • Glass Toilet Paper Ornament by Noble Gems Toilet Paper Glass Ornament by Noble Gems

    Toilet Paper Glass Ornament by Noble Gems

    When you care enough to give the very best! Our humorous Toilet Paper ornament is handcrafted from glass and embellished with glitter. Details:  Dimensions: 3.75" tall  Materials: Glass and mica  Packaging: Hang tag with gold...

    MSRP: C$19.99
    Was: C$19.99
    Now: C$12.99
  • Frida Hand Soap

    Frida Hand Soap (2 oz)

    Monkey clean! Monkey fresh! With our Frida Kahlo soap, you will be smelling like passionflower in no time! Not tested on animals. The monkeys will be proud.  Details: Dimensions: 2.5" x 1" x 1.75" Materials: Vegetable soap containing...

  • Lady Macbeth's Guest Hand Soap

    Lady Macbeth's Guest Hand Soap (2 oz)

    The perfect soap when you're still half asleep and want to get the damned spot out! Not tested on animals.   Details: Dimensions: 2.5" x 1" x 1.75" Materials: Vegetable soap containing shea butter, cocoa butter, buttermilk, olive oil,...

  • 4-Piece Holiday Bathroom Decór Set

    4-Piece Holiday Bathroom Toilet Décor Set

    Spruce up your bathroom this holiday season with the Big One himself! This Santa themed 4-piece bathroom decór set comes complete with a Santa seat cover, a holly tank cover and tissue box cover and a Santa suit floor mat...

  • Bob Ross "Joy of Bathing" Hand Soap

    Bob Ross "Joy of Bathing" Hand Soap (2 oz)

    Even Bob Ross gets his hands dirty. Do you? Get them clean again with the soap that washes away everything! Make your sink or tub interesting with these crazy little soaps! Not tested on animals.  Details:  Dimensions: 2.5" x 1" x 1...

  • Mister Rogers Hand Soap

    Mister Rogers Hand Soap (2 oz)

    Even Mister Rogers gets his hands dirty. Do you? Get them clean again with the soap that washes away everything! Make your sink or tub interesting with these smart little "good feeling" soaps! Not tested on animals...

    MSRP: C$4.99
    Was: C$4.99
    Now: C$2.99
  • Underpants wallet

    Underpants Wallet

    You've probably felt self-conscious about carrying your cash in your skivvies, right?  Well, not anymore! This pair of underpants is a folded wallet with plenty of room for cash and cards. So take that cash out of your actual briefs and move it to...

  • Redneck Nation 15" Toilet Plunger Christmas Tree Redneck Christmas Tree - Toilet Plunger Redneck Toilet Plunger Christmas Tree box

    Redneck Christmas Tree Toilet Plunger

    Down in the dumps? Our toilet plunger Christmas tree is just the thing to get you in the holiday spirit! Don’t be fooled, this isn't your everyday Charlie Brown tree.  This lookalike may seem pretty white collar, but take a closer look and...

  • Santa on his Throne Toilet Paper Santa on his Throne Toilet Paper Santa camera roll Conga line tp roll Reindeer Outhouse

    Christmas Toilet Paper - Assorted Designs

    Holiday decorating isn't complete til you've added Christmas Toilet Paper! Our humorous, holiday bathroom tissue will be a great addition to your washroom's crappy décor. Makes a memorable stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift! Choose your style...

  • Crappy Holidays Sweater on Her Crappy Holidays Sweater Rear Crappy Holidays Sweater on Him

    Crappy Holidays Funny Poop Christmas Sweater by Funqi

    "Frosty the Snow-Poop was as crappy as can be, with a head full of poop and the smell of pee-ewww, you'll be sure to smell him near." That's right friends, not all things this winter will melt, some will smell. Get a load of this Crappy Holidays...

    MSRP: C$59.99
    Was: C$59.99
    Now: C$29.00
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