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  •  Kitty Cat Book Club 12 oz Sculpted Mug

    Book Club Cat Sculpted Ceramic Mug

    Take your love of cats (and books) to a whole new level with this quality ceramic mug! It's the perfect way to start your morning with a big ol' cup of cuteness. Perfect for coffee, cocoa or your beverage of choice! Comfy-sized handle Suitable for...

  • Naughty Cat Mugshot Bulb Ornament TB-5901 TB-5901 Naughty Cat Mugshot Glass Bulb Ornament Naughty Cat Mugshot Glass Bulb Ornament Naughty Cat Mugshot Glass Bulb Ornament TB-5901

    Naughty Cat Mugshot Glass Bulb Ornament

    Do you have a naughty cat? This amusing ornament is one any cat owner can relate to during the holidays. It shows a cat's mugshot for knocking down the Christmas tree. Made of premium blown glass Dimensions: 3" in diameter 

  • Classic Black and Scarlet Red Kit-Cat Clocks Retro Kit Cat Clock Scarlet Red Limited Edition The Original Kit-Cat Clock

    The Original Kit-Cat Clock

    For 80 years, the original Kit-Cat Klock has hung in homes of families around the world. Perched on the wall, Kit-Cat swings his tail and rolls his eyes as time ticks by. The classic design hasn't changed much since the 1950s, making the Kit-Cat Clock...

  • Cat Finger Puppets Cat Finger Puppets On Fingers View

    Cat Finger Puppets SET OF TWO

    Finally, a cat that does what you want it to do!  Now you can always have a cat at the tip of your fingers! They come in four different styles (breeds) and are perfect for putting on a kitty puppet show that is almost certainly guaranteed to annoy...

  • cat tiki mugs cat tiki mugs archie mcphee

    Cat Tiki Mugs, Set of 4

    You'll look so cool drinking with a Cat Tiki Mug in-hand, even your cats might acknowledge you. Ok, probably not, but all your friends will! Every cat lover will want our set of 4 highly sophisticated 5-1/2'' ceramic Tiki Mugs in all...

  • Christmas Cat Frame Personalized Christmas Ornament

    Christmas Cat Frame Personalized Ornament

    Think your cat is the cat's meow? Then show your love for your favourite feline with our Christmas Cat Frame personalized ornament! This resin Christmas ornament lets you frame a photo of your cat and our personalization artists will add the name on the...

  • Kitty Stocking Personalized Ornament Personalized View Kitty Stocking Personalized Ornament

    Kitty Cat Stocking Personalized Ornament

    Your cat's a member of your famiy too, so why not show your love with our Kitty Cat Stocking Personalized Ornament. This festive resin ornament is complete with a toy mouse and a ball of yarn and can be personalized with your cat's name on the white cuff...

  • Cone Kitty Ornament on the Christmas Tree Cone Kitty Glass Christmas Ornament

    Cone Kitty Ornament

    Looks like Kitty is wearing the cone of shame this Christmas. This glass ornament is perfect for cat lovers with a sense of humour. A detailed orange tabby made of glass sits perched with a plastic cone around her neck. Hang her from the tree or sit her...

  • Crazy Cat Lady Gift Tag Stickers

    Crazy Cat Lady Gift Tag Stickers

    Got a cat lover in your life? Give her gifts labeled with our hilarious Crazy Cat Lady gift tags. Our adhesive tags, all with their very own cat design, come in a booklet of 4 pages with a total of 28 cat-themed tags. Perfect for Christmas, birthday and...

  • Glass Cat with Glass Ball Ornament brown striped Glass Cat with Glass Ball Ornament black Glass Cat with Glass Ball Ornament white Glass Cat with Glass Ball Ornament striped

    Festive Cat Glass Ornaments - Choose Your Colour

    For all those cat lovers who know the antics of their furry friends swatting at the ornaments on the lowest branch! Choose from black, grey, orange or white. Dimensions: 4.5" long x 2" wide Packaging: Illustrated hang tag Materials: Glass and metal

  • Furry Sitting Cat Ornaments

    Furry Sitting Cat Ornaments

    What could be more adorable than a Christmas tree full of furry cats sitting on the branches, sporting their Christmas ribbons?  Choose from black, orange, grey and white, or grab one of each for the cat lover on your list. Dimensions: 4.5" x 5"...

  • Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments - work hard Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments - crazy Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments - life without Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments - Love me Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments

    Humorous Kitty Cat Christmas Ornaments

    These detailed resin ornaments, complete with wire whiskers, are the perfect gift for feline fans and a fun addition to any Christmas tree. Dimensions: 3.75” tall x 3.75” wide Materials: Resin Licensed by: Kurt S. Adler

  • Stray Cats

    Stray Cat Figurines - Department 56 Village

     Watch this group of four as they enjoy exploring the snowy outdoors. These hand crafted stray cats will go perfect with your Christmas Vacation or any other Department 56 Village!  Dimensions: 1.5", 1.75", 1.5" 2" Packaging:...

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