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  • Story Plaid Chenille Thermal Slipper Socks Story Plaid Chenille Pink Thermal Slipper Socks Story Plaid Chenille Green Thermal Slipper Socks Story Plaid Chenille Blue Thermal Slipper Socks Story Plaid Chenille Grey Thermal Slipper Socks

    Plaid Chenille Reading Socks in Four Colours

    Your toesies will be cozy in our Plaid Chenille Reading Socks. These soft slipper socks feature a fun plaid pattern over sherpa fleece lining, with non-slip grippers. Choose from four trendy colours: pink, blue, green or grey. Details: Dimensions:...

  • Rolling Stones Beach Bats Rolling Stones Beach Bats in Case Lifestyle Image - Rolling Stones Beach Bats in Action

    Rolling Stones Beach Paddles by Sunnylife

    LET THE GAMES BEGINLet the games begin with the Sunnylife x Rolling Stones Hot Lips Beach Paddles. This summer we are bringing Rock and Roll to the beach through a very exciting collaboration with none other then the iconic Rolling Stones.  Product...

  • Mother's Little Helper Pill Box Interior View - Mothers Little Helper Pill Box Mother's Little Helper Pill Box - Packaged View Mother's Little Helper Pill Box - In Hand Mother's Little Helper Pill Box

    Mother's Little Helper Pill Box

    The Mother's Little Helper Pill Box would make a funny and useful gift for any overworked, stressed out, and under-appreciated mom (which is just about all of them). This attractive, fine chrome pillbox is just what Mom needs to organize those little...

  • Say Anything Mug - Bad Ass Badass - Lifestyle Say Anything Mug - Badass - Boxed View

    BADASS - Say Anything Mug

    You have opinions, but sometimes you can't say them out loud. Our Say Anything mugs tell the world exactly how you feel.  Details: Holds 16 oz Materials: Porcelain Packaging: Full colour illustrated box with window cut-out Dishwasher and...

  • Purr-Tea Infuser Purr-Tea Infuser - Boxed Here kitty kitty! Make me some tea. Cat Tea Infuser in Action

    Purr-Tea Tea Infuser

    Brew the purrrfect cup of tea! Fill our PURR TEA with your favorite loose tea leaves, hang its little paws on the edge of your cup, and you'll be curling up with the coziest cuppa in no time. BPA- and phthalate-free

  • Make your own music box Kikkerland DIY Music Box Refill Paper for Make Your Own Music Box How to make your own music box

    Create Your Own DIY Music Box

    Bring back the nostalgia of old-timey music boxes, but this time, you're the music master! This Music Box Kit will have the musician in your life giddy with childhood excitement! The easy to use Music Box hole puncher allows you to create your own...

  • Palm Reader Jewelry Stand Palm Reader Stand for Jewelry Back side of the Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

    Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

    Here's a gift that's functional and fashionable. A mysterious palmistry hand to hold your magic rings & amulets (or just your everyday jewelry!)  The palm, a map of life, shows us the way energies flow, to learn a person’s personality,...

  • Gentleman's Beard Kit Gentleman's Beard Kit Contents

    Gentleman's Beard Tin

    The Gentleman’s Beard Tin includes everything a man on-the-go needs. When you’re feeling scruffy and need a quick kit to keep sharp and looking well groomed, this tin will come in handy. It includes a double-sided pear wood comb, 10ml of...

  • Wilderness First Aid Kit Wilderness First Aid Kit Contents

    Wilderness First Aid Kit

    First-time explorers and veteran outdoorsmen alike will appreciate the Wilderness First Aid Kit. Conveniently sized for all kinds of travels, this kit contains simple first aid for small cuts and scratches as well as sunscreen, safety pins, and a pocket...

  • Sloth Huggable Heating Pad & Pillow Packaging

    Huggable Furry Sloth Heating Pad & Pillow

    Fall in love with the huggable, microwaveable Sloth heat pack! Cuddle up to relieve cramps and aches, while enjoying its soothing lavender scent. This sloth heating pad and pillow can be mircowaved, or put in the freezer for whatever ails...

  • Box and bandage Bandage dimensions Bandage info

    Snoopy Bandages

    Kids and the young at heart can fix a boo boo with the cutest bandages ever - Snoopy bandages! Designed to cover and protect minor cuts and scrapes, each bandage is individually wrapped and comes with a nonstick pad that does not stick to the wound,...

  • Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs Packaged View Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs In Use

    Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs

    Had a bad day? Want to wallow in it? Bathe in waters as dark as your mood with our charcoal bath bombs. Details: Comes with 10 bath bombs at 15g each Packaging: Re-sealable plastic bag

  • Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs In Water View

    Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

    These raspberry scented Unicorn Poo bath bombs are the best way to make your bath more magical! Watch them fizz and explode! Details: Comes with 10 bath bombs at 15g each Packaging: Re-sealable plastic bag

  • Log-Shaped Pillow Log-Shaped Pillow Log-Shaped Pillow

    Sleep Like a Log - Shaped Pillow

    You'll sleep like a log with this lightweight novelty log print pillow - looks just like the real thing! The outside cover of the Log-Shaped Pillow is made of comfortable polyester and spandex, and is filled with micro beads for the ultimate head...

  • Wake n Bake Mugs in Green or Pink Wake n Bake Mug Box Green Wake n Bake Mug Pink Wake n Bake Mug

    Wake & Bake Coffee Company Mug in Green or Pink

    What a way to wake up! Our Wake n' Bake mugs combine two simple pleasures of the morning - a coffee and a toke! The smoke filters up the hollow handle to the mouthpiece on the top. A great novelty gift for adults to make the morning routine more...

  • Bathsecco Bath Bombs Bag - Bathsecco

    Prosecco Bath Bombs

    Get fizzical with the Bathsecco Bath Bombs! Watch them fizz and explode as you bathe in glitter to celebrate a special occasion. These Bathsecco Bath Bombs are a set of ten glitter bath bombs with a sparkling wine scent.Details: Comes with 10...

  • Coffee Kiss Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blanket, Packaged View Coffee Kiss Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blanket, Purple Coffee Kiss Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blanket, Grey Coffee Kiss Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blanket, Unpackaged View

    Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blanket in Two Styles

    Get cozy AND trendy with our Tie Dye Faux Fur Sherpa Blankets. These unbelievably soft blankets keep you warm with their stylish design in grey or purple. Details: Dimensions: 50" by 60"  Materials: Acrylic  Packaging: Brown tag affixed...

  • Deluxe Nee Doh Deluxe Nee Doh - Color Changing Deluxe Nee Doh - Crystal Deluxe Nee Doh - Stardust Deluxe Nee Doh - Shaggy

    Deluxe Nee Doh Stress Ball

    Millions of people have found the squishy and soothing groove of Nee Doh fidget toys. It all started with Original Nee Doh, but now you can choose from many styles of Deluxe Nee Doh! From Shaggy to Swirl, there's a world of Groovy Globs to explore and a...

  • Nee Doh The Groovy Glob The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH

    The Original Nee Doh Groovy Glob Stress Ball

    The Classic NeeDoh is the Groovy Glob that started it all! The original NeeDoh ball is known for its durable squish that helps you mellow out and soothe your soul. Available in an array of bright colours, the Classic NeeDoh makes for an exciting sensory...

  • Groovy Fruit Nee Doh Stress Ball 3-Pack Groovy Fruit NEE DOH Groovy Fruit NEE DOH

    Groovy Fruit Nee Doh Stress Ball 3-Pack

    Groovy Fruit Nee Doh is just what you need to get your fruit and fun fix in one! Give this cute fruit a squeeze, a squish, a pull, or a smush and it’ll soothe your soul to get you feeling groovy fast. Boss Banana, Outta Sight Strawberry, and Far...

  • Globby Globby Globby

    Globby Stress & Fidget Toy

    Get a Grip! Squeeze and pull Globby and he'll return to his original shape! Globby helps you relieve your stress, and is your personal grip trainer. Makes a great gift for those who are fidgety! Details:  Globby is 5" tall Ages...

  • Pickle Bandages

    Pickle Bandages

    Don’t find yourself in a pickle the next time you have a booboo! Get yourself a pickle instead in the way of a pickle bandage! Our fun sterile adhesive bandages look just like pickles! Each bandage measures 3 x 1 inches. The decorative tin contains...

  • Jesus Bandages

    Jesus Bandages

    Give some of Jesus’ healing power this Christmas with a pack of our Jesus Bandages. The decorative tin contains 15 large sterile adhesive bandages and a free prize inside. Each bandage measures 3 x 1 inches and features various images of Jesus. A...

  • Switchblade Comb Back View Switchblade Comb Front View

    Deliquents with Combs - Folding Pocket Comb

    You've heard the stories: gangs of well-coiffed hoodlums terrorizing the streets with jars of pomade and pocket combs. It's about time you invested in some protection for your 'do! Each of these metal and plastic switchblade combs snap open with the...

  • EV-TSM7752 Catstronaut Ball EV-TSM7752 Catstronaut Ball Catstronaut Ball

    Catstronaut Stress Ball

    Take me to your litter. Space + Cats = castronomical cuteness. This 3” wide catstronaut is a slow-rise squishy stress ball from space. Perfect for the sci-fi fan and/or cat lover in your life!    

  • 12897 Stress Turkey Stress Turkey 12897

    Turkey Stress Ball

    INSTEAD OF STRESS EATING, WHY NOT BE STRESS SQUEEZING? Big family meals can be stressful! Just keep this Stress Turkey in your hand and give it a squeeze every time someone tells you what you should be doing with your life or talks about the next...

  • Snow Ball Crunch

    Snow Ball Crunch Stress Ball

    Feels and sounds like crunching through fresh snow! The coolest way to crunch away stress! Details:  Dimensions: Ball is approximately 2.5" tall 

  • Super Mario Bros. Stress Balls Super Mario Bros. Stress Balls Display Case View

    Set of 4 Super Mario Stress Balls

    Take the stress out of gaming with our set of four super cute Super Mario Stress Balls! They're a great way to relieve tension when facing a final boss round (or a real life boss...) and they'll help you stay calm when you need it most! Dimensions:...

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    Now: C$19.99
  • Unicorn Bandages

    Unicorn Bandages

    Cover your minor scrapes and scratches with these Enchanted Unicorn bandages and pretend that you’re in a magical land where pain doesn't exist. Each metal tin contains latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a free prize to take your...

  • Christmas Bandages

    Holiday Bandages

    Make any boo-boo better with our festive Holiday Bandages. This box of Christmas-themed bandages is a fun addition to your first aid kit over the holidays. The package contains 30 brightly coloured absorbent, sterile bandages with non-stick pads for use...

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