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leg lamps

The 1983 release of A Christmas Story introduced the world to leg lamps. Our replica leg lamps have become prized possessions of fans across Canada as thousands of "Major Awards" are gifted to Canadians each year.

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  • Electric Sex - 26" Desktop Leg Lamp Electric Sex - Turned Off 26" Leg Lamp with Fragile Shipping Box Leg Lamp Size Comparison

    "Electric Sex" Deluxe Desktop 26-Inch Leg Lamp

    In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the holiday classic A Christmas Story, RetroFestive has brought back these high-quality leg lamps for the first time in four years. Only 150 of this size available in Canada, and going fast! All of the quirky...

  • Christmas Story Leg Lamp - The Major Award (50") Fishnet Stocking Detail Christmas Story leg lamp shining brightly in front of shipping cartons. Our happy family of leg lamps.

    "The Major Award" 50-Inch Leg Lamp

    Celebrate 40 Years of A Christmas Story with the ultimate Major Award! We've imported only 50 of these into Canada for 2023, so snag yours now, before they're gone! Note: Due to the oversize nature of the larger leg lamps, we don't offer Free Shipping...

    Was: C$483.00
    Now: C$349.99
  • The Old Man's Prize - 45" Leg Lamp A Christmas Story Leg Lamp with Fragile Shipping Boxes The Old Man's Prize (45") Leg Lamp (unlit) Fishnet Stocking Detail Comparison of four leg lamp styles

    "Old Man's Prize" 45-Inch Leg Lamp

    It's been 40 years since A Christmas Story was filmed here in Canada. Now you can commemorate the occasion with this handsome 45-inch tall Leg Lamp! Only 75 of this size are are available for the 2023 season, so snag yours today! Note: Due to the...

    MSRP: C$349.99
    Was: C$349.99
    Now: C$299.99
  • 20" Desktop Leg Lamp - Isn't It Beautiful! 20" Desktop Leg Lamp - Packaging Size Comparison: The 20" lamp is the smallest one in this photo.

    "Isn't It Beautiful" Desktop 20-Inch Leg Lamp

    Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A Christmas Story with a brand new leg lamp in your window! Our Christmas Story Leg Lamp desktop version is a scale model of the life size leg lamp. It looks great on a desk, shelf or end table. Every detail is the same...

    MSRP: C$89.99
    Was: C$89.99
    Now: C$79.99
  • Pink Bunny Suit Pajamas Ralphie's Pink Bunny Suit Pajamas Pink Bunny Suit Size Chart Close-up of Pink Bunny Fabric Pink Bunny Suit - Tail

    Deluxe Pink Bunny Suit Pajamas from Aunt Clara

    An exact reproduction of the Bunny Suit Pajamas Ralphie receives from Aunt Clara. This high quality costume is far superior to cheap Hallowe'en style costumes... hand-made with the best plush fabric, you can wear it year after year! It's the one item...

  • A Christmas Story 19" Leg Lamp Light-Up Stocking

    A Christmas Story 19" Leg Lamp Light-Up Stocking

    With this Kurt Adler A Christmas Story Leg Lamp stocking you'll feel like you've won a major award! This classic red stocking features the risqué Leg Lamp from the movie as well as hilarious quotes including, "It's A Major Award!" "Fra-gee-lay?"...

  • Leg Lamp Ceramic Camper Mug

    Leg Lamp Ceramic Camper Mug

    Drink in the soft glow of holiday cheer with this Leg Lamp camp mug from A Christmas Story. Bring the quirky charm of the classic movie to your coffee breaks, and enjoy as your daily brew becomes a major award! Details:  Dimensions: 3.5"...

  • A Christmas Story Ralphie-Shaped Playing Cards

    A Christmas Story Ralphie-Shaped Playing Cards

    Celebrate Christmas with our official A Christmas Story-shaped playing card deck. Each card features different artwork and images from the movie. Perfect for holiday card playing! Details:  Dimensions: 2.75”W x 3.75”H Cards...

  • Oh Fudge You're Here Door Mat

    Oh Fudge, You're Here - Festive Door Mat

    Available in our Oakville Store only! 17" x 29" Indoor/Outdoor. Thick, non-slip rubber backing. Polyester top printed with fade-and mildew resistant dyes.

  • Major Award Leg Lamp Fleece Blanket

    Major Award Leg Lamp Fleece Throw Blanket

    Wrap yourself up in this super soft blanket and keep you warm and cozy throughout the holiday season. Featuring The Major Award, Leg Lamp from the beloved Christmas classic, A Christmas Story. Product Features: Measures 46" x 60" 100%...

  • Leg Lamp Earrings

    A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Earrings

    Be the life of the holiday party with these A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Earrings. Featuring the movie logo and the iconic Major Award, AKA the Leg Lamp!! These earrings feature a 2.25" drop and will light up any room you enter.

  • A Christmas Story Charm Bracelet Leg Lamp Charm Bracelet on Card

    A Christmas Story Charm Bracelet

    Celebrate the holidays with this adorable A Christmas Story charm bracelet, featuring these iconic images from this classic film: The Red Ryder BB Gun, Aunt Clara's Bunny Suit, Leg Lamp Major Award, the A Christmas Story logo, and the A Christmas Story...

  • Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter Reverse side of Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter Leg Lamp Cookies

    Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

    Tell a Christmas Story this year when baking your Christmas cookies, using this major prize cookie cutter! Sturdy cutters keep their shape and cut cookie dough easily Stainless Steel Easy to clean; before first and after each use, hand wash in warm,...

  • Leg Lamp Bottle Opener Front Leg Lamp Bottle Opener - Rear

    Leg Lamp Bottle Opener Magnet

    Get the Leg Lamp Magnetic Bottle Opener for the Old Man in your family. This heavy duty bottle opener is the perfect Major Award for any Christmas movie lover. Product Features: Made of Steel Magnetic Back for convenient storage Product Dimensions:...

  • Leg Lamp Body Knocker Packaging front and back

    Leg Lamp Solar Body Knocker

    Enjoy hours of body-bobbling fun that's powered by the sun! From the hilarious holiday classic A Christmas Story, the iconic Leg Lamp rocks from side to side when exposed to light.  Dimensions: 6.5" tall Packaging: Full colour card in clear...

  • Leg Lamp Night Light, front Side Box angles

    A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Night Light by NECA

    Isn't it beautiful?? Light up your nights with this small-scale reproduction of the notorious leg lamp night light from the holiday classic, A Christmas Story! This Leg Lamp Night Light plugs into any standard outlet. This is one of our most...

  • A Christmas Story Ralphie Plaid Stocking

    A Christmas Story Ralphie Plaid Stocking

    This 19-Inch A Christmas Story Stocking from Kurt Adler is a must-have for fans of the classic holiday film. Made of soft and durable fabric, this stocking measures 19 inches in size and is perfect for hanging on your fireplace or mantel. The stocking...

  • A Christmas Story Socks VHS Box VHS Box Back of Box Sock designs

    A Christmas Story 2-Pair Pack Socks in VHS Box

    This 2 pack of cool and comfortable A Christmas Story socks come in a slide out VHS novelty tray! Inside you’ll find a pair of red socks with a leg lamp pattern, and a pair of blue socks with a pattern of Ralphie in his pink nightmare bunny suit...

  • Leg Lamp Sublimated Socks

    A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Sublimated Socks

    These socks are a major award for any fan of A Christmas Story. These cool and comfortable Christmas socks feature the iconic leg lamp covering the socks from cuff to toe. Details: Fits men's shoe sizes 8 - 12 98% polyester, 2%...

  • A Christmas Story Foil Cup and Straw

    A Christmas Story Foil Cup and Straw

    Decorated with Ralphie in various outfits and featuring the famous Red Ryder BB Gun, this 20 ounce acrylic cup is enhanced with foil accents and feature a metallic lid. It's BPA free and double wall insulated to keep your beverage cold...

  • A Christmas Story Oh Fudge Diamond Cup With Straw

    A Christmas Story Oh Fudge Diamond Cup With Straw

    You'll be saying "Oh Fudge" but in a good way with this red A Christmas Story diamond double-wall insulated cup that features Ralphie. It's sure to keep your coffee hot and your iced coffee cold. Our diamond cusp include a lid, hold 20 ounces, are...

  • A Christmas Story Musical Table Piece

    A Christmas Story Musical Lantern 8.5" Table Piece

    This 8.5-inch A Christmas Story Battery-Operated LED Musical Television from Kurt Adler is a fun and festive addition to any holiday décor. This retro television water lantern features a vintage television with an antenna and a screen that...

  • Box - Christmas Story 300 Piece Thomas Kincade Puzzle Christmas Story Thomas Kincade Puzzle

    A Christmas Story 300 Piece Thomas Kincade Puzzle

    We triple dog dare you to find a nicer puzzle than this! Our A Christmas Story puzzle has 300 oversized pieces and features a scenic Thomas Kinkade view on your favourites moments and characters from the movie. A special Christmas bonus, this puzzle also...

  • A Christmas Story Old Man Deluxe Nutcracker Side - Old Man Deluxe Nutcracker Back - Old Man Deluxe Nutcracker Top - Old Man Deluxe Nutcracker

    15" Deluxe A Christmas Story Old Man Nutcracker with LEDs

    This glittery 15" Deluxe Old Man Nutcracker is the perfect addition to any Christmas collection. Fans of A Christmas Story and collectors of nutcrackers will surely want this impressive piece as a star of their collection. The Old Man wears a glittered...

    MSRP: C$169.99
    Was: C$169.99
    Now: C$159.99
  • A Christmas Story 1,000 Piece Slim Puzzle Packaging A Christmas Story 1,000 Piece Slim Puzzle Back View A Christmas Story 1,000 Piece Slim Puzzle  Front View

    A Christmas Story 1000 Piece Three-Foot Long Puzzle

    There's only one thing that Ralphie wants for Christmas this year. Will he get his wish? Piece together this 1000 piece puzzle featuring a collage of elements from the hit holiday classic. Measures an impressive 3-feet long! Details: Dimensions:...

  • Bumpus Hound Plush, front Bumpus Hound Plush, front Bumpus Hound Plush, front

    Bumpus Hound Plush from A Christmas Story

    This adorable Bumpus Hound plush from A Christmas Story is the perfect gift for any fan or dog lover and he probably won't annoy the old man. Detail: Material: 100% polyester Stands 7" tall. About 10" from tail to nose

  • A Christmas Story Ralphie's Decoder Pin Side View of Decoder Pin Ralphie Decoder Pin Orphan Annie Secret Society

    Decoder Pin - A Christmas Story

    This brass-coloured metal decoder pin works just like the 1940 Speed-O-Matic. You can create your own secret society and send coded messages to your friends. Both halves of the decoder swivel to allow you to set the decoder to any number-letter...

36 of 102 Items