Our cute and clever mini kits feature little novelties and collectibles that make people smile. They make great stocking stuffers or "just because" gifts.

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  • Bazinga mini kit

    Big Bang Theory Talking Button Mini Kit

    Celebrate your love of The Big Bang Theory with the official talking button featuring one of its most iconic phrases: Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Talking Button Mini Kit includes a 3" collectible talking button and a 32-page...

  • Beholder Mini Kit

    Dungeons & Dragons: Beholder Figurine Mini Kit

    Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder with the Dungeons & Dragons: Beholder Figurine Mini Kit. This D&D mini kit features a 3-inch figurine of the Beholder with a glowing eye, and a 32-page miniature book about the...

  • Harry Potter Crystal Ball Mini Kit

    Harry Potter Divination Crystal Ball Mini Kit

    This finely detailed light-up collectible replica of the crystal ball from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's divination class is a perfect gift for fans of the Wizarding World. This Harry Potter mini kit features a 3" light up crystal ball,...

  • Golden Girls Puppet Mini Kit

    Golden Girls Finger Puppets Mini Kit

    Bring your favourite scenes from The Golden Girls to life with this stylized set of finger puppets featuring Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia! This Golden Girls mini kit includes four finger puppets and a 48-page A-to-Z Golden Girls...

  • Lucky Dog Kit

    Lucky Dog Mini Kit

    Give the gift of luck and good fortune to yourself–or someone you know–with this adorable Lucky Dog figurine. Inspired by the adorable Japanese lucky talisman, the Lucky Dog mini kit includes a 3" waving dog figure plus a 32...

  • Door Slam Mini Kit

    Desktop Door Slam Mini Kit

    Release your aggression with Desktop Door Slam – the perfect desk accessory for fun yet effective stress relief. The Desktop Door Slam mini kit includes a 3" spring-loaded door frame that's ready to be slammed with an electronic...

  • Pennywise Talking Mini Kit

    It: Pennywise Talking Bobble Mini Kit

    Inspired by Stephen King’s bestselling horror novel turned successful movie franchise, fans will love this perfectly terrifying Pennywise the clown talking bust—with a bobbling head! This Pennywise mini kit includes a 3.5" Pennywise bust with...

  • Holiday Armadillo Mini Kit

    Friends Holiday Armadillo Mini Kit

    Merry Christmas . . . and Happy Hannukah! Celebrate the season with the Friends Holiday Armadillo, Santa’s representative for all the southern states . . . and Mexico. This Friends mini kit includes a 3" replica of the Holiday...

  • Christmas Vacation Mini Kit

    Christmas Vacation Station Wagon Mini Kit with sound

    Celebrate Christmas with the Griswolds with this unique station wagon and tree collectible with a fun sound element. This 3-inch station wagon and tree collectible figurine on a base with sound button features five sound clips with iconic quotes and...

  • Legally Blonde Mini Kit

    Legally Blonde Magnets Mini Kit

    This Legally Blonde mini kit includes seven magnets featuring inspiring lines from one of the greatest screen comedies of all time. The Legally Blonde set also includes a mini journal and pink fuzzy-tipped pen - just like Elle's! The magnets...

  • Harry Potter Patronus Projector Set

    Harry Potter: Patronus Projector Mini Kit

    Expecto Patronum! Call on the Patronuses of major Harry Potter characters with this officially licensed collectible mini kit. The kit includes a 3-inch projector (that projects up to five feet!) with 12 projections including the Harry Potter...

  • Mini Air Horn Kit

    Mini Air Horn Mini Kit

    Bwah Bwah Bwahhh! Bring the party anywhere with the Mini Air Horn! Ready to get the party started? Want to emphasize the genius point you just made? Want to add something special to the song you're playing? Cheering on a team or graduate?...

  • Desktop Mini Golf

    Desktop Mini Golf Mini Kit

    Bring the fun of miniature golf to your desktop with this "mini" version of the beloved game! Master your short game with the Desktop Mini Golf mini kit which includes a portable putting green with wind-up windmill obstacle, 2...

  • Hocus Pocus Cross-Stitch Mini Kit

    Hocus Pocus Cross-Stitch Mini Kit

    Stitch your own spell-binding Hocus Pocus designs with this officially licensed mini craft kit! With basic cross-stitching instructions and 4 easy patterns, this kit is perfect for beginners and advanced stitchers alike.  The kit includes 3 pieces...

  • Talking Pickle Mini Kit from Rick & Morty Talking Pickle Mini Kit from Rick & Morty

    Talking Pickle Mini Kit from Rick & Morty

    Pickle Rick is back! Bring your favourite Rick and Morty character home with this talking collectible figure of Rick Sanchez's pickle alter ego. Mini Kit includes: 3-inch squeezable Pickle Rick mounted on a base. Says "I turned myself into a pickle,...

  • Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Light Up Sign Gilmore Girls Mini Book - Introduction Gilmore Girls Mini Book - Lorelai Gilmore I need my mommy! Gilmore Girls Mini Book - Luke Danes

    Gilmore Girls: Stars Hollow Light-Up Sign

    Transport yourself to the lovable northeastern town of Stars Hollow with this special kit that celebrates Gilmore Girls. Specifications: 3-1/2 x 3-inch light-up Stars Hollow sign with display stand Book included: 48-page book filled with essential...

  • D&D Mini Dice Dungeon Dungeons & Dragons Dice Dungeo

    Dungeons & Dragons: Mini Dice Dungeon

    Keep your dice in-line with this official Dungeons & Dragons mini Dice Dungeon!  Punish or put your dice in a time-out when they roll critical fails or put your friends (and yourself) in danger with the Mini Dice Dungeon. LIGHT-UP DICE...

  • Mushroom Mini Cross Stitch Kit Mushroom Cross Stitch Complete Contents of Mushroom Cross Stitch Kit

    Mini Cross Stitch Embroidery Kit - Mushroom

    The perfect weekend project, or a great gift for beginners. Includes: 3" bamboo hoop frame 4.3" square canvas to stitch on coloured threads 1 needle Plus a pattern guide and helpful tips on getting started!

  • Road Trip Game Kit Contents of the Road Trip Game Kit Road Trip Game Kit in Action!

    Road Trip Kit

    Heading on a road trip? Bring some fun along with this handy tin packed with all you need to play 8 different games on the go. Includes 8 reusable cards, 2 dry erase pens, and instructions for 8 games * Click on the VIDEOS tab to see it in...

  • Gentleman's Beard Kit Gentleman's Beard Kit Contents

    Gentleman's Beard Tin

    The Gentleman’s Beard Tin includes everything a man on-the-go needs. When you’re feeling scruffy and need a quick kit to keep sharp and looking well groomed, this tin will come in handy. It includes a double-sided pear wood comb, 10ml of...

  • Games on the Go On-the-Go Games Kit Games for Camping and Outdoor Adventures

    On-the-Go Games Kit

    Outdoor adventurers and camping enthusiasts will appreciate our On-the-Go Games Kit. It packs a lot of fun into a little tin box. Perfect for game nights at camp, or for rainy day activities on the go. * CLICK THE VIDEOS TAB TO SEE IT IN ACTION...

  • Golf Game in a Tin 9 Holes of Golf Golf in a Tin Game

    Golf in a Tin

    Introducing our Golf Game In A Tin! Play golf anywhere, fun for all ages!  A retro inspired golf game that includes 9 "holes" of golf to play.  Includes 2 tiny metal golf balls, 2 golf clubs (3"), 9 game cards, and game instructions - all...

  • Wilderness First Aid Kit Wilderness First Aid Kit Contents

    Wilderness First Aid Kit

    First-time explorers and veteran outdoorsmen alike will appreciate the Wilderness First Aid Kit. Conveniently sized for all kinds of travels, this kit contains simple first aid for small cuts and scratches as well as sunscreen, safety pins, and a pocket...

  • Garden Seeds Kit Garden Seeds Kit Contents

    Garden Seeds Kit

    The Kikkerland seed saving kit makes it easy to collect, store and trade seeds from your garden. Experience the joy of preserving seeds from your favourite plants for the next generations. Features: 20 seed bags 20 seed markers 1 permanent...

  • Any-Time Cocktail Kit

    Any-Time Cocktail Kit

    Sometimes you just need a cocktail prepared with Kikkerland's Anytime Cocktail Kit. Packed into a travel-sized tin are two screw-top spirits bottles, two garnish containers, one muddler / bar spoon, one funnel, and a handy recipe book...

  • Jurassic World: Die-Cast Metal Projector Mini Kit Jurassic World Projector

    Jurassic World: Die-Cast Metal Projector Mini Kit

    This officially licensed, high-quality die-cast metal mini projector shines the Jurassic World logo onto nearby surfaces!Details: DIE-CAST METAL: 3-inch mini light projector molded in die-cast metal LIGHTS UP: Projector shines the Jurassic World...

  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Mini Kit Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Mini Kit

    Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Mini Kit

    This officially-licensed Ghostbusters kit includes a mini replica of the Ghost Trap from the 1984 classic film, Ghostbusters! Mini book contains 12 full-colour stickers, along with 3 smaller decal stickers for use with the Ghost...

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Elf Mini Kit

    Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Elf Mini Kit

    As seen at car dealerships everywhere! He's holly. He's jolly. He's perfect for gifting or for adorning your mantle this Christmas. He's the Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Elf!Our 18-inch Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Elf has a fan in base to let him wave,...

36 of 80 Items