• Electric Sex - 26" Desktop Leg Lamp Electric Sex - Turned Off 26" Leg Lamp with Fragile Shipping Box Leg Lamp Size Comparison

    "Electric Sex" Deluxe Desktop Leg Lamp (26")

    Canadian Exclusive: We are the only company selling this Deluxe 26" Desktop Leg Lamp in Canada! All of the quirky features are present in this leg lamp including the butt cheek, the chubby thigh and the knobby knee. It also showcases a fringed gallery...

    MSRP: C$169.99
    Was: C$169.99
    Now: C$149.99
  • Sno Ball Mini Molds Packaging - Sno Mini Molds

    Sno Ball Mini Molds

    Sno-Ball Mini Molds are the perfect way to create a winter wonderland. These easy-to-use molds allow you to make unicorns, panda bears or hearts in minutes! Decorate your yard, or use in a friendly snowball fight! Recommend for ages 5 and up.

  • Sno Stompers Pink (Bear Paw) Blue (Penguin) Green (Dinosaur)

    Sno Stompers

    Make footprints in the snow! Sno-Stompers come in three colours and will allow your child to leave cool footprints behind on a snowy walk. Use the straps and buckles to secure the Sno Stomper to your boot. It'll be sno much fun!Choose from: green...

  • Sno Shot Sno-Shot front Sno-Shot back Sno-Shot model


    The Sno-Shot gives you an advantage on the snow-covered battlefield. Use the mold on the handle to help create perfect sized snowballs then load it into the Sno-Shot, pull back and launch it at your target! Just scoop, sling and shoot. Practice...

  • Mini Sno Markers Contents Back of Box

    Mini Sno Markers

    Mini Sno Markers make a plain white snowman even more magical! This set gives you five colours to turn your snow into art. You have enough colour to fill each marker twice. It's easy - just mix colour powder with water in the...

  • Sno-Art Kit by Ideal Sno-Art Kit Sno-Art Kit contents

    Sno-Art Kit for Winter Play

    This Sno-Art Kit has everything your child needs to express their creativity and take colouring fun outdoors. This kit includes Sno-Markers that are used to paint and decorate snow by mixing warm water with the Sno-Marker colour packet (in a...

  • Sno-Man Kit Sno-Man Kit back Sno-Man Kit inside

    Sno-Man Art Kit

    Everything (but the snow!) in one kit to create a fantastic SNOWMAN. All the classic SNOWMAN parts to create the classic snow sculpture - the Top Hat, Carrot Nose, and Button Mouth. Plus, the Sno-Paint Markers takes decorating your SNOWMAN to a...

  • Moose Mug Moose Mug Side View. Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Eggnog Cup Perfect for Nog Sipping! Moose Mug from the side.

    Original Glass Christmas Vacation Moose Mug is proud to be the Canadian distributor of these genuine GLASS moose mugs officially licensed by Warner Bros. Studios. Now, you can enjoy your eggnog in a Moose Mug (aka eggnog cup) just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie in Christmas...

    MSRP: C$29.99
    Was: C$29.99
    Now: C$24.99
  • Working From Home Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

    'Working from Home' Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

    Celebrate working in your underwear with our double-wall insulated stainless steel wine tumbler. Are you drinking water or wine? They'll never know! Our wine tumblers are made of double walled stainless steel and include a sealed lid featuring a sliding...

  • Minecraft Mini Figures 2020 Advent Calendar Minecraft Mini Figures  Advent Calendar

    Minecraft 24 Day Advent Calendar

    Count down to Christmas, 2020 with Minecraft! This colorfully fun advent calendar comes packed with Mini Figures, accessories and holiday surprises. Kids will open one door a day for 24 days to find Minecraft-themed delights to have fun with all year...

  • Front Line Worker Funko Pop male Front Line Worker Funko Pop male 2

    Frontline Heroes Male Funko Pop 54155

    During these tough times, we recognize more then ever the importance of everyone who works on the front line. These heroes have now been made into Funko Pops in honour of the first responders of the COVID-19 pandemic. In association with this...

  • Retro Polka Dot Hot Chocolate CUP Pouch inside - Hot Chocolate Cup

    Polka Dot Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Cups - 2 for $8

    Try our rich and creamy Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. You can mix it with hot water for a rich and creamy drink - but it's even better when mixed with hot milk! The recyclable cardboard cup features a decorative polka dot theme wrapped...

    MSRP: C$9.99
    Was: C$9.99
    Now: C$7.99
  • S'Mores Hot Chocolate Cup Pouch inside - S'Mores Hot Chocolate

    S'Mores Hot Chocolate Cups - 2 for $8

    Who wants s'more hot chocolate!? This Hot Chocolate Cup comes in a recyclable cardboard cup filled with a matching pouch of S'Mores Hot Chocolate mix and is topped off with a dome filled with mini dehydrated...

    MSRP: C$9.99
    Was: C$9.99
    Now: C$7.99
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix in a Mason Jar

    Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix in a Mason Jar

    Rich and creamy Salted Caramel flavoured Hot Chocolate: the original classic blend by Canada's Gourmet Village features less sugar more cocoa. It's winter magic in a cup! Just add 2 to 3 tablespoons of mix with hot water or hot milk. Packaged in a...

    MSRP: C$11.99
    Was: C$11.99
    Now: C$8.99
  • A Very She and Him Christmas LP Vinyl Album A Very She and Him Christmas LP Vinyl Album back

    A Very She and Him Christmas LP Vinyl Record

    American duo Zooey Deschanel and Matthew Ward bring us the sounds of a folk country Christmas, with hits like "I'll Be Home For Christmas," "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree," Silver Bells" and "Baby It's Cold Outside." These two voices coming...

  • Bing Crosby Merry Christmas Record, front

    Bing Crosby Christmas LP Vinyl Record (NEW)

    I'm dreaming of a White Christmas Remastered LP reissue of Bing Crosby's classic, Merry Christmas, album. Including the biggest selling single ever, White Christmas, along with other all-time seasonal favorites, this edition brings back the original...

  • Dark Chocolate Toffee Chocolate Covered Toffee 8 oz Box (3 Varieties Available) Chocolate Covered Toffee 8 oz Box (3 Varieties Available) Toffee Pieces

    Chocolate Covered Toffee 8 oz Box (3 Varieties Available)

    From the Reich family kitchen: These crunchy, chocolate-covered toffees, also referred to as butter crunch, are to die for. Made with real butter, sugar and the finest chocolate. One piece is never enough. Handmade in small batches in Chicago. YOU WILL...

    MSRP: C$14.99
    Was: C$14.99
    Now: C$7.99
  • Frank Sinatra A Jolly Christmas Album, front Frank Sinatra A Jolly Christmas Album, back

    Frank Sinatra's A Jolly Christmas LP Vinyl Record (NEW) some it's a tree by the fireplace tipped with a gleaming others a reflective house in church surrounded by flickering alter candles and stained glass windows...or the long-awaited sight of loved ones. In "A Jolly Christmas,"...

  • Jackson 5 Christmas Album LP Vinyl Record (NEW) Jackson 5 Christmas Album LP Vinyl Record, FRONT Jackson 5 Christmas Album LP Vinyl Record, BACK

    Jackson 5 Christmas Album LP Vinyl Record (NEW)

    This reissue of 1970's The Jackson 5 Christmas Album finds the superstar brothers going from fast 'n' funky to soft 'n' sweet. They sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Santa Claus Is Coming to Town; The Little Drummer Boy; The Christmas Song;...

  • James Brown Soulful Christmas LP Vinyl Record, front James Brown Soulful Christmas LP Vinyl Record, back

    James Brown Soulful Christmas LP Vinyl Record (NEW)

    James Brown, the Godfather of soul, kept on giving during the Christmas season with this Soulful Christmas LP vinyl record. Now you sing along to classics like Soulful Christmas and Santa Claus, Santa Claus with your own Soulful Christmas record...

  • Temptations Vinyl Record Christmas Card

    The Temptations' Christmas Card LP Vinyl Record

    There's nothing quite like Christmas with The Temptations. This evergreen chestnut includes classics like "Silver Bells," Little Drummer Boy," "My Christmas Song" and "Someday at Christmas."  This was the group's first holiday release and features...

  • Hershey's Kisses Winter Sleeves (Set of 3) Hershey's Kisses Holiday Sleeves - Set of 3 Packaging - Hershey's Kisses Holiday Sleeves

    Hershey's Kisses Winter Sleeves (Set of 3)

    Celebrate winter with delicious Hershey's Kisses in red, silver and green foils. We have created a three-pack of these Hershey's Kisses sleeves, which are the perfect treat for Valentines Day, Easter, or any day! Also great for baking something special...

    MSRP: C$9.99
    Was: C$9.99
    Now: C$4.99
  • Cranberry Procescco Gift Kit

    Cranberry Procescco Gift Kit for 4

    This Cranberry Prosecco for 4 gift kit includes a pouch of Cranberry Prosecco mix, and four stemless sparkling Procescco flutes. Each flute comes with a colourful iridescent finish and one of four trend expressions: “Pop the Bubbly”,...

  • Gourmet Christmas Candy Bar Close-up of Gourmet Chocolate Bar with Retro Christmas Candy Ingredients Sweet Shop Christmas Bark with Vintage Hard Candy

    Gourmet Chocolate Bar with Retro Hard Christmas Candy

    * "These are seriously SO good!" - Tyler Schwartz, owner of RetroFestive You'll simply love these gourmet chocolate bars that have been embellished with chunks of old-school Christmas candy. Each bar has been hand-crafted using creamy, decadent white...

    MSRP: C$4.99
    Was: C$4.99
    Now: C$2.99
  • 13" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) Close-Up of Detail Large and Small Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree 13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Vintage vibes only when you plug in our retro-look Ceramic Halloween Tree. Light up this shiny black beauty to see more than 50 acrylic purple and orange bulbs glow. (The orange ones are shaped like pumpkins!) A 7.5" version is also available. The...

  • 7.25" Halloween Tree Small Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) 7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Our battery-operated retro 7.25" Ceramic Light-Up Halloween Tree makes the perfect spooky accent to your Halloween home. The plastic purple and orange pegs are lit from inside the tree by bright LEDs. There's even a pumpkin tree topper that has it's own...