• Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Naughty or Nice Edition

    BeanBoozled Naughty or Nice Gift Box by Jelly Belly

    Are you on Santa's nice list? Or did he check your name twice on the naughty list this year? Use our Naughty or Nice Spinner Gift Box to find out. Give the wheel a spin to decide what bean you eat. Will it taste great or gross? It's anyone's guess! This...

  • Red Vines Winter Twists Red Vines Licorice Winter Twists Holiday Red Vines

    Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists Licorice

    Bask in the holiday spirit with RED VINES Original Red Licorice Twists in fun and festive holiday packaging! With their bright red color and classic taste, these holiday candy twists will transport your taste buds to a winter wonderland. Grab a tray,...

  • Reese's Advent Calendar Box Reese's Advent Calendar Back Reese's Advent Calendar Treats

    Reese's Lovers Advent Calendar

    Let the holiday festivities begin with REESE'S 24-Day Advent Calendar. Each day promises a bite of the classic REESE'S flavour, with Peanut Butter Miniatures and REESE'S PIECES waiting behind each window. But the fun doesn't stop at the chocolates - the...

  • Starburst Candy Canes in Box

    Starburst Candy Canes

    Unexplainably juicy! This set of 12 Starburst flavoured candy canes is sure to make mouths water in anticipation of the fruit-flavoured yumminess.  Details: 12 individually wrapped 5" tall candy canes Four candy canes in each flavour Made in...

  • Pebbles Cereal Candy Canes

    Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles Candy Canes

    Pebbles Cereal Flavored Candy Canes is where morning crunch meets festive delight! Dive into the vibrant world of Fruity Pebbles and the rich indulgence of Cocoa Pebbles, now brilliantly captured in the iconic candy cane swirls. Each cane is not only a...

  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Gummies Candy Box Front View Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Gummies Candy Box Back View

    Kraft Dinner Mac & Cheese Gummy Candy Box

     Everyone's favourite mac and cheese is now in gummy form! Don't worry... they don't actually taste like and Mac and Cheese ;) Fruit flavoured Contains 160 grams  Packaging: Full colour illustrated box  Artificially flavoured 

  • Lifesavers Candy Cane Box

    Life Savers Fruit Flavours Candy Canes

    Get the perfect set of Lifesavers Candy Canes to decorate the Christmas tree or share with family and friends this holiday season! Add a little variety to your candy cane collection and enjoy this flavour assortment with Wild Cherry, Pineapple and...

  • Soda Pop Candy Canes

    Soda Pop Candy Canes with Dr Pepper, 7-UP, A&W

    The perfect set of candy canes for any soda pop lover! A total of 12 candy canes featuring three flavours: A&W Root Beer, 7-UP and Dr Pepper! Details: Four candy canes each of A&W Root Beer, 7-UP and Dr Pepper flavours Made in...

  • Sour Patch Holiday Box

    Sour Patch Kids Holiday Theater Box

    Sour. Sweet. Gone! Sour Patch Kids candy in a Christmas themed box is great for stocking stuffers, and gift exchanges. Add some holiday fun with these red and green, soft and chewy treats! Details: 3.1oz

  • Rudolph Gummies

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Gummies Theater Box

    You'll go down in history when you stuff stockings with these Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Gummies! Each box of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Gummies is filled with colourful gummy candies shaped like Rudolph, Bumble and Santa with flavours...

  • Primrose Old Fashion Christmas Hard Candy

    Baby Ribbon Hard Candy Bag by Primrose

    This delicious variety of mini ribbon candy will bring back memories of Christmas at Grandma's house. Perfect for putting out in a candy dish and snacking throughout the holidays. 13 oz. stand-up pouch Great flavour!   

  • Chocolate Video Game Controller

    Video Game Controller - Milk Chocolate

    Game on! Grab this milk chocolate video game controller for the gamer in your life. This delicious treat features an authentic German milk chocolate video game controller with dark chocolate, white chocolate and colourful buttons. This chocolate treat is...

  • Coal Mine Naughty Nugget Bubble Gum Counter Display of Naughty Nugget Gum Naughty Nugget Coal Gum

    Naughty Nugget Coal Mine Bubble Gum

    A red burlap sack filled with bubble gum nuggets that look like coal. Even if you're naughty, you won't mind chewing on a few of these yummy bubble gum nuggets.  Details: 2oz Gluten free, nut free

  • Sour Patch Kids Coal Theatre Box

    Sour Patch Kids Coal in Theatre Box

    Sour. Sweet. Gone!Sour Patch Kids Coal candy in a Christmas themed box is great for stocking stuffers, and gift exchanges. Add some holiday fun with these coal shaped treats, that start out sour then turn sweet. Each 3.1oz (88g) Coal is Black...

  • Hershey Kisses Grinch Candy tube Hershey Kisses Grinch cane

    Grinch Hershey's Kisses in Tube

    With candy this good, no wonder the Grinch tried to steal some! Our set of Hershey Kisses Grinch Candy Cane with molded Grinch head is the perfect stocking stuffer for the Grinch-lover in your life. At almost one foot tall and filled...

  • Peeps Chicks Candy Cane Flavour

    Peeps Chicks Candy Cane Flavour - 10-Piece Pack

    These Peeps Marshmallow Chicks taste like peppermint candy canes, just in time for Christmas. The Candy Cane Peeps are white with red speckles and will be a fun addition to your Christmas candy table. The wonderful combination of sweet coloured...

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Holiday Tree

    Reese's Peanut Butter Holiday Tree

    O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree - How lovely are thy Reese's! This holiday season, enjoy the classic combination of creamy peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate. You will receive one Reese's Peanut Butter Tree Each: 1.1oz (31g)

  • Holiday Flavoured DOTS

    Dots Christmas Theatre Box

    Treat your family, friends and even Santa to some great tasting Holiday DOTS candies this Christmas. Assorted fruit flavours inside including cherry, lime and vanilla.  They make perfect stocking stuffers! Details: Peanut and gluten free 6oz...

  • Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

    Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch Theatre Box

    Savour the flavour of Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch! Each peppermint piece is like a chocolate Junior Mint that's been rolled in crushed peppermint. It's like a chocolate-covered candy cane. What could be tastier than that? This is a limited edition...

  • Kool-Aid Candy Cane Box Kool-Aid Canes

    Kool-Aid Candy Canes - 12-Pack

    Mix up all kinds of fun with Kool-Aid this Christmas! This 12 pack of Kool-Aid Candy Canes features the top Kool-Aid flavours of Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape! Details: 5.30z 12 individually wrapped candy canes in a cardboard window...

  • Twinkies Candy Canes - Side View Twinkies Candy Cane Box

    Twinkies Candy Canes - 12-Pack

    Twinkies are the Original Golden Snack that’s been putting smiles on faces for generations. And now you can enjoy them in candy cane form! Share this 12 pack of Twinkies Candy Canes with friends and family this holiday season. Details: 5...

  •  Kool Aid Popping Candy Storybook Inside

    Kool Aid Popping Festive Candy Storybook

    Oh yeah! With our Kool-Aid Popping Candy Holiday Storybook, you'll have a juicy Christmas! Includes a storybook, games and four pouches of delicious popping candy in top Kool-Aid flavours including Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape in Popping Candy form...

  • DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bomb Kit Contents of the DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bomb Kit Completed DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bombs

    Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bombs DIY Kit

    These DIY Hot Chocolate Kits are THE BOMB! Now you and your kids can make Hot Chocolate Bombs in your own kitchen. This Do-It-Yourself Kit contains everything needed to make 4 Milk chocolate Bombs featuring Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, complete with Candy...

  • Hot Dog Candy Canes

    Hot Dog Candy Canes

    WIENER WIENER HOT DOG DINNER   Hot Dog Candy Canes will remind you of school lunches and backyard BBQs. Instead of cookies this year, maybe Santa would prefer a wiener? Boiled, grilled or steamed, everybody loves a hot dog! Sure,...

  • Jelly Belly Beer Can Jelly Belly Beer

    Jelly Belly Draft Beer Can

    We have taken your favourite draft beer and turned it into a gourmet jelly bean! Enjoy the authentic taste of a freshly poured draft beer without the alcohol. These fun jelly beans are completed with a jewel-like finish for a fresh from the tap "bubbly"...

  • Ketchup Candy Canes Archie McPhee Ketchup Candy Canes

    Ketchup Candy Canes

    THE BEST CANDY CANE TO EAT WITH FRENCH FRIES Everyone's favourite condiment, but for Christmas! Do you know what makes mediocre food edible? Ketchup! So, just imagine how a ketchup-flavoured candy cane can take your holiday from meh to magnificent. This...

  • Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Stickers Ew Covid! Alexis sticker Moira Rose Schitt's Creek sticker

    Ew, COVID! Schitt's Creek Parody Stickers - Set of 2

    Are you a little bit Alexis? Then this Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Sticker set is for you! The "EW, COVID!" sticker is a clever twist of the famous Alexis Rose quote "Ew, David!". The Moira Rose sticker is a hilarious take on one of Catherine O'Hara's...

  • Griswold Jelly of the Month Club Christmas Vacation Jelly of the Month Club Jar of Grape Jelly of the Month Club The gift that keeps on giving the whole year 'round! Official Jelly Tracker and Tasting Notes

    Jelly of the Month Club Gift Set

    RetroFestive Exclusive!  For that hard-to-buy-for person on your list…  give them the “gift that keeps on giving the whole year!” Our unique and hilarious Jelly of the Month Club gift set is inspired by the famous...

  • Bacon Flavoured Candy Canes

    Bacon Candy Canes

    Bacon lovers will lick themselves silly over our bacon-flavoured candy canes! These unsuspecting 5.25-inch tall candy canes look like your regular everyday candy canes, but just one lick and BOOM – a flavour explosion! Each box contains 6 candy...

  • Nee Doh The Groovy Glob The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH

    The Original Nee Doh Groovy Glob Stress Ball

    The Classic Nee Doh is the Groovy Glob that started it all! The original NeeDoh ball is known for its durable squish that helps you mellow out and soothe your soul. Available in an array of bright colours, the Classic NeeDoh makes for an exciting sensory...

  • PEANUTS SNOOPY CHIRSTMAS CREW SOCK & 14OZ MUG COMBO Peanuts Christmas Mug Snoopy Christmas Socks

    Peanuts Crew Sock and 14oz Mug Combo

    Wrap yourself in holiday cheer with our Peanuts Crew Socks and 14 oz Mug Set, featuring Snoopy surrounded by presents on the socks and a festive 'Merry Christmas' scene with beloved Peanuts characters on the mug! Mug Ceramic 14oz mug Microwave and...