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  • Hot Dog Candy Canes

    Hot Dog Candy Canes

    WIENER WIENER HOT DOG DINNER   Hot Dog Candy Canes will remind you of school lunches and backyard BBQs. Instead of cookies this year, maybe Santa would prefer a wiener? Boiled, grilled or steamed, everybody loves a hot dog! Sure,...

  • Ketchup Candy Canes Archie McPhee Ketchup Candy Canes

    Ketchup Candy Canes

    THE BEST CANDY CANE TO EAT WITH FRENCH FRIES Everyone's favourite condiment, but for Christmas! Do you know what makes mediocre food edible? Ketchup! So, just imagine how a ketchup-flavoured candy cane can take your holiday from meh to magnificent. This...

  • Bacon Flavoured Candy Canes

    Bacon Candy Canes

    Bacon lovers will lick themselves silly over our bacon-flavoured candy canes! These unsuspecting 5.25-inch tall candy canes look like your regular everyday candy canes, but just one lick and BOOM – a flavour explosion! Each box contains 6 candy...

  • Oversized Gift Exchange Dice in Package Oversized Gift Exchange Dice Oversized Gift Exchange Dice - Lifestyle

    Secret Santa Swap Gift Exchange Oversized Die

    Throw a new twist on a classic tradition and shake up your gift exchange with this fun oversized die. 12 sided die features a prompt on each side Squishy foam Dimensions: 3 in. x 3 in. x 3 in. HOW TO PLAYEach person playing adds a wrapped gift to...

  • Talking TP Packaging Talking Toilet Paper Roll

    Talking Toilet Paper Roll

    Talking TP, the recordable and rerecordable toilet paper spindle, has a motion sensor that is activated when you pull the toilet paper. Just press a button and record and personalize for the next person using the throne. It also has an on/off switch so...

  • Bunkhouse Beer Claw Cast Iron Bottle Opener Bunkhouse Beer Claw Cast Iron Bottle Opener Bunkhouse Beer Claw Cast Iron Bottle Opener

    Bunkhouse Beer Claw Cast Iron Bottle Opener

    Let's do a spiked hike!  This cast iron bottle opener is as tough as a bear with a claw-shaped top and combortable handle.  Makes an excellent addition to cottages, fishing huts, and in the garage next to the beer fridge...

  • Lotsa Lights Light Up Pom Pom Toque Lotsa Lights Light Up Pom Pom Toque Lotsa Lights Light Up Pom Pom Toque Lotsa Lights Light Up Pom Pom Toque

    Lotsa Lights Light Up Pom Pom Toque

    Sparkle through the season in warm knit pom pom toques with flashing accent lights. Each design includes six bright LEDs you can turn on and off with a hidden button. The perfect accessory for holiday parties, parades, light shows, snow sports and...

  • Mac-n-Cheese Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Mac-n-Cheese Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Macaroni and Cheese Candy Canes are a particular favorite of picky eaters. These candy canes taste like your childhood favorite — mac and cheese. It’s like comfort food-flavored comfort food! Macaroni and cheese has become a holiday family...

  • Blue Jay Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Blue Jay Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Blue Jay Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

    Blue Jay Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

    Make your dinner table more colourful with this fun pair of Blue Jay Salt & Pepper Shakers. Crafted out of ceramic, these beautifully painted birds boast lots of rich texture and detail – a playful way to spice up any meal. Details: Two...

  • Butter Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Butter Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Butter Candy Canes taste like you took a stick of butter, dipped it in sugar and then licked the side of it. You can hang these from your tree or just put them in a butter dish on the table. Sure, we could have done toast-flavored candy canes, but why...

  • Possum Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Possum Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Possum Candy Canes feature the garbage-fueled flavor of a possum! Possums are known for many of their positive qualities — garbage rummaging, crooked toothy smiles and flirty hisses. Now, with Possum Candy Canes, they can be known for their great...

  • Gravy Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Gravy Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Gravy Candy Canes are here to save Christmas the same way that actual gravy saves dry turkey. No matter how bad a holiday meal is, you can always count on gravy to cover everything up and make it better. This set of six 5-1/4" tall, gravy-flavored canes...

  • Dante's Inferno Candy Canes - Set of 6

    Dante's Inferno Candy Canes - Set of 6

    These Dante's Inferno Candy Canes are the mildly spicy product of a pretty bad version of Hades that Dante never imagined! You get six 5-1/4" tall, sweet candy canes with a hint of demonic spice. With their red and white stripes, you’ll be able to...

  • Grumpy Frog Ornament

    Grumpy Frog Ornament

    Nothing exemplifies Christmas in the 2020s quite like a grumpy frog. This frog is all of us. He’s shown up, he’s celebrating Christmas, but he still has a slight grumpy grimace. Just look at his cheery hat. He’s putting forth the...

  • Goth Cat Ornament

    Goth Cat Ornament

    Cats and Christmas trees don’t usually mix. This is not the cat's fault. Why would humans put a tree in the house if you weren’t supposed to climb it? However, this fanged and winged 4" tall, hand-blown glass bat cat ornament looks so natural...

  • Sunny the Blobfish

    Sunny the Blobfish

    While it’s in the water, a blobfish looks like any other fish, but as soon as you take it out, it transforms into a cartoonishly sad human face. We sometimes sing a song about blobfish that goes something like, “Blobfish, Blobfish, looks...

  • Collection of Mini Mushrooms

    Collection of Mini Mushrooms

    This Collection of Mini Mushrooms is a set of eight soft vinyl magical mushrooms each with its own stand. You can leave them in the cabinet of curiosities style package or take them out and make your own fairy circle. They are all based on real...

  • Cleaning Kitties

    Cleaning Kitties

    Cleaning Kitties are for cat owners who accept that their cats have already won. Cats and cleanliness go hand in paw. Of course, while they enjoy cleaning themselves, let's just say they don’t have any shame about doing it at any time or anywhere...

  • Perky Pigeon Novelty Wind-Up Perky Pigeon

    Wind-Up Perky Pigeon

    Keeping pigeons is a great hobby, but it’s expensive and messy. This 3-5/8" tall, hard vinyl wind-up pigeon is a fantastic replacement. When you wind it up, it skitters around like the real thing. Just scatter some seeds on the ground, wind it up...

  •  Deluxe Monster Finger Puppets

    Deluxe Monster Finger Puppets

    Our Finger Monsters will make you scared of your own finger! Looking for a monster with bulgy eyes and jiggly limbs? These best-selling Deluxe Finger Monsters are the all-time greatest finger frights! Every 2” tall, soft plastic fiend is a...

  • Emergency Googly Eyes in Tin

    Emergency Googly Eyes in Tin

    We're going to let you in on a secret that, until now, had only been shared with kindergarten teachers and crafters: googly eyes make everything better! Our Emergency Googly Eyes come in a beautiful, eye-catching tin filled with twenty pairs of plastic...

  • Racing Possum in a Peanut Car Possum in a Peanut

    Possum in a Peanut

    Welcome to a magical land that looks like the idyllic countryside of a children’s book, but is truly an improbable place where alliterative animals drive around in legume cars. This pull-back peanut piloted by a possum is 5" long, has four wheels...

  • Air Freshener - Possum 2 Air Freshener - Possum

    Air Freshener - Possum

    This 4-5/8" long, heavy cardstock air freshener is playing dead and smelling like the banana peel it slept on last night. It’s a pretty cute possum from its toothy snout to the tip of its fleshy tail. This air freshener says to every passenger in...

  • Keychain - Rubber Chicken

    Keychain - Rubber Chicken

    This keyring has the key… to hilarity! Put your keys on a rubber chicken and show the world your sophisticated sense of humor. The bright yellow colour and bumpy skin make it easy to locate if you’re groping around in your bag or backpack...

  • The Singing Christmas Tree toy

    The Singing Christmas Tree Musical Plush

    Click the VIDEOS tab to see the Singing Christmas Tree in action! Put some kitsch into your Christmas when you sing along with this wacky singing & dancing Christmas Tree. Hear him belt out Jingle Bells as he grooves from side to side. Sure to make...

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Baby Bib

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Baby Bib

    You've never looked better! Your little one will be the cutest one in the room in this ugly Christmas sweater baby bib.    Details: One size fits most babies 0-12 months Velcro close Dimensions: Bib is approx 11"H x 7.5"W Machine...

  • Pin-Ups Playing Card Deck Pin-ups playing cards Pin-ups playing cards 2 Pin-ups playing cards 3

    Pin-Ups Playing Cards

    Classic pin-ups from the golden age - a torrid mixture of brilliant studio portraits, tacky postcards and nostalgic (and suggestive) magazine covers, featuring bombshells like Anita Eckberg, Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth and justly forgotten...

  • I'm Not Old I'm Vintage Ball Cap

    I'm Not Old I'm Vintage Ball Cap

    Make this playfully expressive black baseball cap a go-to everyday accessory when socializing at gatherings, tending to garden spaces or casually lounging about the yard. Shield eyes and face from excessive UV exposure. Featured with a curved brim and...

  • Stretchy Log of Poop Gag Stretchy Log of Poop Gag Stretchy Log of Poop Gag

    Stretchy Log of Poop Gag

    Novelty squeeze turd stress reliever. Fiddle, stretch and squish all your problems away and use to prank friends and family for an unforgettable laugh! Details:  Approx 1.4" L

  •  Adult Mad Libs: Friends

    Adult Mad Libs: Friends

    He's so pretty, I want to VERB! With 21 “fill-in-the-blank” stories about Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Rachel, Friends Mad Libs is the perfect activity for any fan of the hit show! Play alone, in a group, or in...

  • At Your Service Bell At Your Service Bell

    At Your Service Bell

    Ding, ding, ding!!! Can we help you? This fun little Service Bell is the perfect addition to playtime fun.   Details: Packaging:  Full colour illustrated box Dimensions:   Approx 2.5" × 3.25" × 3.25"

  • Peek-A-Boo Christmas Bear Peek-A-Boo Christmas Bear Peek-A-Boo Christmas Bear - Side View

    Peek-A-Boo Christmas Bear

    This sweet bear wants to play peek-a-boo with you! He wears a red, white and green striped scarf around his neck, and his hands are over his eyes . When you press his foot he moves his hands away and says, "Peek-a-boo!" while letting out a sweet...

  • Mushroom LED String Lights Mushroom LED String Lights Mushroom LED String Lights Mushroom LED String Lights

    Mushroom LED String Lights

    This light string features 20 mushroom-shaped LED bulbs, which create a whimsical and charming ambiance. Powered via a USB connection. You can plug them into any USB port, such as a wall adapter, power bank, or computer. The USB power option makes them...