• Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4 Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4

    Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4

    This set of four hand-painted glass Fun Food ornaments will remind you of all the sweets and treats enjoyed at carnivals and fairs. Includes: Candy Apple, Popcorn, Hamburger and French Fries Packaging: Each individually boxed Material: Glass and...

    MSRP: C$39.99
    Was: C$39.99
    Now: C$24.99
  • NEW! Pandemic Ornaments Santa with Face Mask Resin Ornament Toilet Paper Wrapped in Bow Ornament Doctor Fauci Resin Ornament

    NEW! Covid-19 Christmas Ornaments - 3 Styles

    DOCTOR FAUCI is the only style still available. NOTE: These are NOT available for personalization. (See our COVID Personalized Ornaments HERE). Have yourself a Cozy Covid Christmas when you hang our new Covid-19 ornaments on the tree. If you remember...

    C$14.99 - C$39.98
  • Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament

    Canadian Bagged Milk Christmas Ornament

    Any American can leave Santa a glass of milk... in Canada, we give him the whole bag! Yup, bagged milk is a quintessentially Canadian thing, and our Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament will help you celebrate the greatest Canuck invention since the zipper. So...

  • Canadian Caesar Christmas Ornament

    Canadian Caesar Christmas Ornament

    Haul out the Clamato juice and worcestershire sauce, because Santa's drinking Caesars this Christmas! Celebrate Canada's answer to the Bloody Mary by hanging our Caesar ornament on your holiday tree. Complete with a stalk of celery!Details: Materials...

  • Poutine Canadian Christmas Ornament ML-MTLOR01 - Poutine Canadian Christmas Ornament 2 Poutine Ornament in Box

    Canadian Poutine Christmas Ornament

    For the perfect Christmas tree all you need is three ingredients: fries, gravy and curds! Now you can have it all in one delicious looking ornament. The poutine ornament depicts this Canadian invention with fries, smothered in gravy, topped with cheese...

  • Toronto Raccoon Honest Eds Sign Christmas Ornament Toronto Raccoon Honest Eds Sign Ornament on Tree Toronto Honest Ed's Raccoon Ornament in Box

    Honest Ed's Toronto Raccoon Christmas Ornament

    Honest to Ed, this might be the most Torontonian Christmas ornament you'll ever see. The City's unofficial mascot is perched atop an Honest Eds-inspired Toronto sign. It's sure to become a treasured favourite for any T-Dot fan or resident...

  • Hoser Beer Canadian Christmas Ornament ML-CANOR03 - Hoser Beer Canadian Christmas Ornament 2 Canadian Beer 2-4 Christmas Ornament in Box

    Hoser Beer Canadian Christmas Ornament

    Cheers to more beers! You won't forget to pick up a 2-4 for the holidays with this ornament hanging from your tree! Designed in the style of a Molson Canadian beer case, this tree ornament is perfect for the Canadian Hoser who likes to crack a beer...

  • Ketchup Chips Canadian Christmas Ornament ML-CANOR01  - Ketchup Chips Canadian Christmas Ornament 2 Ketchup Chips Canadian Christmas Ornament in Box

    Ketchup Chips Canadian Christmas Ornament

    Ketchup chips are a Canadian thing, eh? The best thing about our Ketchup Chips ornament is it won't stain your fingers red! Plus, it's been inspired by the design of the Old Dutch Ketchup chips bag. Hang it from your tree to celebrate your love of...

  • Retro CBC Canada Map TV Christmas Ornament Close Up of Retro CBC Canada Map TV Ornament

    Retro CBC Canada Map TV Ornament

    Forget about watching Netflix on your phone. This Christmas you can reminisce about the days we all watched TV on old-school television sets in the family room. Materials - 100% Polyresin Dimensions: Approx. 3.75" Comes in an illustrated...

  • Retro CBC Gem Logo TV Christmas Ornament Retro CBC logo ornament close-up

    Retro CBC Gem Logo TV Ornament

    Go back to the days of 'don't turn that dial' and rabbit ear antennas when you hang our Retro CBC Gem Logo TV Ornament on your tree! Materials - 100% Polyresin Dimensions: Approx. 3.75" Comes in an illustrated giftbox Designed in...

  • Mr Dressup Retro TV Ornament Retro CBC Mr Dressup TV Ornament Retro CBC Mr Dressup TV Ornament

    Retro CBC Mr Dressup TV Ornament

    We've dug into our Tickle Trunk to uncover this incredibly retro Mr. Dressup Christmas ornament! You'll want to gather the whole family when you hang this special gem on the tree. So call up Aunt Bird, Casey, Finnegan, and Alligator Al and invite them...

  • TB-6076 1980's Cell Phone Ornament Christmas TB-6076 1980's Cell Phone Christmas Ornament TB-6076 80's Cell Phone Christmas Ornament 1980's Cell Phone Christmas Ornament Cell Phone Christmas Ornament TB-6076 1980's

    1980's Cell Phone Christmas Ornament

    Remember Zack's phone on Saved by the Bell? This retro Christmas ornament will take you back to the eighties when a cell phone couldn't fit inside a glove box, let alone your pocket! Made of: Hand-painted quality resin. Each ornament is hand painted...

  • Drink Up Grinches Glass Bulb Ornament TB-4041 Drink Up Grinches Glass Bulb Ornament TB-4041 Drink Up Grinches Glass Ornament TB-4041 Drink Up Grinches Bulb Ornament

    Drink Up Grinches Glass Bulb Ornament

    Don't be a Grinch! Just grab a glass of wine and enjoy the holiday cheer. This fun ornament is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas ... and wine! Materials: Glass Dimensions: 3" in diameter 

  • 13th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Ornament

    13th Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver Ornament (v. 2020)

    Our Doctor Who 13th Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver ornament will make a great addition to your Doctor Who collection. This ornament features the Doctor in blue high-waisted culottes with yellow suspenders, a navy striped shirt and an overcoat. She is...

  • AC/DC Album Cover Glass Ornaments Highway to Hell Ornament AC/DC Album Cover Glass Christmas Ornaments - Set of 2

    AC/DC Album Cover Glass Christmas Ornaments - Set of 2

    Here's a perfect set of ornaments For Those About to Rock! Our AC/DC glass album cover ornaments by Kurt Adler will make a rockin' addition to any Christmas tree. Set includes two of the most iconic album covers in rock: 1979's "Highway To Hell" and...

  • All I Want is Chocolate and Wifi Ornament

    All I Want is Chocolate and WiFi Ornament

    Sometimes it's the simple things... like chocolate and WiFi! Add this fun and quirky ornament to your tree this year. Because you can't survive the holidays without these two ingredients! Details: Dimensions: 3.75" tall  Made of stone...

  • Avocado Toast Ornament Kurt Adler

    Avacado Toast Ornament

    Here's an ornament that's the toast of the town! Our Avocado Toast Christmas ornament is crafted from squishy, slow-rise foam. And it's so realistic, that it's even been seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper! Made from slow-rise foam...

  • Baby Shark Santa Hat Ornaments Blue - Baby Shark Santa Hat Yellow - Baby Shark Santa Hat Pink - Baby Shark Santa Hat

    Baby Shark with Santa Hat Ornaments

    Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, dooSanta Hat, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, dooBaby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, dooSanta Hat! That's right - Baby Sharks in Santa Hat ornaments! Choose from pink, blue or yellow sharks. Details: Dimensions:...

  • Beware! Grinch Hanging Ornament

    Beware! A Grinch Lives Here Ornament

    Everyone knows a loveable grump, and this ornament is for them! The 'Mean One' himself holds a sign that reads: Beware! A Grinch Lives Here! Hand-painted and assembled with intricate detail and artistic expertise. Details: Dimensions: 5 in...

  • Noble Gems Glass Hot Dog Ornament Blown Glass Hot Dog Ornament

    Blown Glass Hot Dog Ornament

    Hot diggity dog! This blown glass hotdog ornament from Kurt Adler will add some humour to your tree this year and remind you of summer BBQs. Details:  Made of glass Hangs from a gold string Dimensions: 4.25"

  • Bob Ross with Santa Hat Blow Mold Ornament

    Bob Ross Santa Hat Ornament

    “Anything we don't like, we'll turn it into a happy little tree or something; we don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.” Now you can hang this famous sentiment to your Christmas tree! This Bob Ross ornament features your...

  • Cheshire Cat hanging ornament Jim Shore

    Cheshire Cat Christmas Ornament by Jim Shore

    Celebrate the holidays with your favourite disappearing cat! This charming ornament will add some Disney holiday charm to your Christmas Tree ... or any other place you choose to hang it! Beautifully designed in Jim Shore's folk art style, this figure is...

    MSRP: C$25.00
    Was: C$25.00
    Now: C$23.75
  • Cindy Lou Who Grinch Felt Ornament

    Cindy Lou-Who Felt Ornament

    He's a mean one, but with the help of Cindy Lou and all the Who's down in Whoville, Dr. Seuss's infamous Grinch taught us all about the true meaning of Christmas. Expand your heart three sizes this Holiday season with this cute felt ornament, embellished...

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog Ornaments

    Clifford the Big Red Dog Ornaments

    Who could forget scouring the shelves at the Scholastic Book Fair, looking for the latest Clifford book? These Clifford The Big Red Dog ornaments by Kurt Adler are fun and festive keepsakes and decorations celebrating the beloved book series.Choose from...

  • Coal in Naughty Stocking 4.5" Ornament Coal in Naughty Stocking Ornament Tree - Coal in Naughty Stocking Ornament

    Coal in Stocking Naughty Christmas Ornament

    A stocking of coal for that naughty special someone!This ornament features a black fishnet stocking, filled with five pieces of "coal", with a black cuff that says "Naughty".Details: Dimensions: 4.5" tall  Materials: Made of fabric and...

  • Coca-Cola Bottle with Scarf Ornament Set

    Coca-Cola & Diet Coke Bottles with Scarves Ornaments

    These Coca-Cola bottles with scarves ornaments are a delightful addition to any holiday home or Christmas tree. Choose from a bottle of classic Coca-Cola with red label, or a bottle of Diet Coke with silver label. Each is wearing a real knit red and...

  • Coca- Cola Bear Sitting On Cooler Ornament

    Coca-Cola Polar Bear Waving on Cooler Ornament

    It's the Pause that Refreshes! This nostalgic ornament by Kurt Adler features the Coca-Cola polar bear sitting on a bright red Coca-Cola cooler wearing a matching scarf and holding a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola in his paw. Makes a charming addition to...

  • Coca- Cola Santa Train Ornament

    Coca-Cola Santa Train Ornament

    All aboard! Add a refreshing touch to your tree this Christmas with our festive Coca-Cola Santa Train ornament. The red and silver train is decorated with the Coca-Cola logo and Coke bottle cap wheels.  Santa wants to choo-choo choose a Coke this...

  • Corona Can Ornament

    Corona Beer Can Ornament

    Happy Alcoholidays!  Our Corona Beer Can ornament is miles away from ordinary. It features a classic Corona can design.  Go Nuts and buy a 6-pack! Dimensions: 4" x 2" Materials: Plastic & Paint/Mica Packaging: Illustrated hang...

  • "Flight Time" Beer Glass Ornament "Flight Time" Beer Glass Ornament Angle "Flight Time" Beer Glass Ornament Back "Flight Time" Beer Glass Ornament Top "Flight Time" Beer Glass Ornament \bottom

    Craft Beer Flight Ornament

    Any time's the right time for a flight of craft beer. This distinctive Flight Time Beer Ornament makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life. The word "Noel" is spelled out using the four glasses of beer, and the board is decorated with red and...

  • Daniel Tiger Santa Hat Ornament

    Daniel Tiger with Santa Hat Ornament

    Hi neighbour! Want a Grr-ific ornament for your tree? This Daniel Tiger ornament from Kurt Adler is a fun addition to your Christmas tree. This tiger-tastic ornament, based on the American-Canadian TV show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, features...

  • Set of 3 Dinosaur Ornaments

    Dinosaur Ornaments - Set of 3

    Go back to the Jurassic age with three dinosaur ornaments, ready to conquer your tree. This set of three ornaments features a Styracosaurus, a Spinosaurus and a Carnotaur. You'll receive all 3. Dimensions: 6" Material: Plastic Hangs from gold...

  • Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Ornament

    Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

    Angels and Christmas go together, right? How about the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced? Hang our Doctor Who weeping super-villain angel on your tree... if you dare! Makes a great addition to your ornament collection, or...