• Christmas Story Leg Lamp - The Major Award (50") Fishnet Stocking Detail Christmas Story leg lamp shining brightly in front of shipping cartons. Our happy family of leg lamps.

    "The Major Award" Leg Lamp (50")

    Note: Due to the oversize nature of the larger leg lamps, we don't offer Free Shipping on this item. Please select your province to add the appropriate flat rate shipping fee. Note that 45" and 50" leg lamps cannot be shipped Expresspost or Priority...

    MSRP: C$349.99
    Was: C$349.99
    Now: C$299.99
  • A Christmas Story Leg Lamp with Fragile Shipping Boxes The Old Man's Prize (45") Leg Lamp (unlit) Fishnet Stocking Detail The Old Man's Prize - 45" Leg Lamp Comparison of four leg lamp styles

    "Old Man's Prize" Leg Lamp (45")

    Note: Due to the oversize nature of our larger leg lamps, we don't offer Free Shipping on this item. Please select your province to add the appropriate flat rate shipping fee. Note that 45" and 50" leg lamps cannot be shipped Expresspost or Priority...

    MSRP: C$299.99
    Was: C$299.99
    Now: C$259.99
  • Electric Sex - 26" Desktop Leg Lamp Electric Sex - Turned Off 26" Leg Lamp with Fragile Shipping Box Leg Lamp Size Comparison

    "Electric Sex" Deluxe Desktop Leg Lamp (26")

    Canadian Exclusive: We are the only company selling this Deluxe 26" Desktop Leg Lamp in Canada! All of the quirky features are present in this leg lamp including the butt cheek, the chubby thigh and the knobby knee. It also showcases a fringed gallery...

    MSRP: C$169.99
    Was: C$169.99
    Now: C$149.99
  • 20" Desktop Leg Lamp - Isn't It Beautiful! 20" Desktop Leg Lamp - Packaging Size Comparison: The 20" lamp is the smallest one in this photo.

    "Isn't It Beautiful" Desktop Leg Lamp (20")

    Our Christmas Story Leg Lamp desktop version is a scale model of the life size leg lamp. It looks great on a desk, shelf or end table. Every detail is the same right down to the fishnet-clad leg and the fringed yellow shade! A single 3-way switch...

  • Leg Lamp Night Light, side Leg Lamp Night Light, in box Leg Lamp Night Light, front Leg Lamp Night Light, plug

    Leg Lamp Night Light

    Isn't it beautiful??  A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Night Light plugs into any standard outlet. This is one of our most popular items and makes a perfect stocking stuffer! 7-watt bulb included. Dimensions: 8" tall x 4" wide Packaging:...

  • Leg Lamps Light Strand Canada String of Leg Lamp Lights Leg Lamp String of Lights Individual

    Leg Lamp String of Lights

    A Christmas Story Leg Lamp String of Lights contains 10 adorable miniature Leg Lamps on an 8-foot strand. Each 4 inch leg lamp lights up. Double-ended plugs allow stringing up to 3 light sets together. For indoor or covered outdoor area use.  

  • NEW! Pandemic Ornaments Santa with Face Mask Resin Ornament Toilet Paper Wrapped in Bow Ornament Doctor Fauci Resin Ornament

    Covid-19 Christmas Ornaments - 3 Styles

    NOTE: These are NOT available for personalization. (See our COVID Personalized Ornaments HERE). Have yourself a Cozy Covid Christmas when you hang our new Covid-19 ornaments on the tree. If you remember the great toilet paper crisis of 2020, you'll want...

    C$12.99 - C$37.98
  • Moose Mug Moose Mug Side View. Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Eggnog Cup Perfect for Nog Sipping! Moose Mug from the side.

    Original Glass Christmas Vacation Moose Mug is proud to be the Canadian distributor of these genuine GLASS moose mugs officially licensed by Warner Bros. Studios. Now, you can enjoy your eggnog in a Moose Mug (aka eggnog cup) just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie in Christmas...

    MSRP: C$29.99
    Was: C$29.99
    Now: C$24.99
  • Moose Mug Acrylic Shot Glass Packaged View Plastic Moose Mug Shooter Shot Glass Unpackaged View

    Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Acrylic Shot Glass

    For a nip of holiday "spirit", drink from our Moose Mug Shot Glass! It's a perfect miniaturized version of Clark Griswold's famous moose mug! Hand wash only.  Details: Dimensions: 4" x 2.25" x 2.5" Packaging: Clear acetate box with colourful...

  • Clark Griswold Santa Hat Clark Griswold Santa Hat 2 Clark Griswold Santa Hat 3 Clark Griswold Santa Hat 4

    Clark Griswold's Ultimate Christmas Day Santa Hat

    Another RetroFestive Exclusive product! It's the perfect DAD gift for the Clark Griswold in your life. Perfect to wear on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day … just like Sparky himself! We've modeled our Deluxe Santa Hat closely after the one...

  • Minecraft Mini Figures 2020 Advent Calendar Minecraft Mini Figures  Advent Calendar

    Minecraft 24 Day Advent Calendar

    Count down to Christmas, 2020 with Minecraft! This colorfully fun advent calendar comes packed with Mini Figures, accessories and holiday surprises. Kids will open one door a day for 24 days to find Minecraft-themed delights to have fun with all year...

  • Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Stickers Ew Covid! Alexis sticker Moira Rose Schitt's Creek sticker

    Ew, COVID! Schitt's Creek Parody Stickers - Set of 2

    Are you a little bit Alexis? Then this Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Sticker set is for you! The "EW, COVID!" sticker is a clever twist of the famous Alexis Rose quote "Ew, David!". The Moira Rose sticker is a hilarious take on one of Catherine O'Hara's...

  • Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar 2020 Box Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar Inside the Box Funko Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, 24pc Funko Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, 24pc

    Funko Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, 24pc

    Countdown to Christmas with the 2020 Harry Potter Advent Calendar from Funko! Fans of Funko will love seeing their favorite characters rendered in cute vinyl figure, that measures approximately 3 ¾ inches tall. Place them in your office, home, or...

    MSRP: C$79.99
    Was: C$79.99
    Now: C$69.99
  • 13" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) Close-Up of Detail Large and Small Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree 13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Vintage vibes only when you plug in our retro-look Ceramic Halloween Tree. Light up this shiny black beauty to see more than 50 acrylic purple and orange bulbs glow. (The orange ones are shaped like pumpkins!) A 7.5" version is also available. The...

  • 7.25" Halloween Tree Small Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) 7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Our battery-operated retro 7.25" Ceramic Light-Up Halloween Tree makes the perfect spooky accent to your Halloween home. The plastic purple and orange pegs are lit from inside the tree by bright LEDs. There's even a pumpkin tree topper that has it's own...

  • Assorted - Amusing Animals Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Amusing Animals Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Dinosaur - Green Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Llama - Blue Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Monkey Banana Flavoured Hot Chocolate 3-Pack

    Amusing Animals Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack

    These Amusing Animals colour-changing hot chocolate packets will add some colourful antics to cocoa time at your house! Grab your favourite mug and add hot water (or hot milk for an even richer taste!) The cocoa powder starts out white, but changes...

  • Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa

    Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa

    Celebrate the holidays with a little Moose Smooch under the moose-L-toe (get it?)! Our Hot Cocoa Moose Smooch Lip Balms are sure to keep your lips happy all winter long. They make the perfect gift and stocking stuffer! Dimensions: Net weight of .15 oz...

  • Peanuts Hot Chocolate Mix CB Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy Christmas Hot Chocolate Peanuts Hot Chocolate Mix PP

    Peanuts Holiday Hot Cocoa Packets (Set of 2)

    These make perfect stocking stuffers, Charlie Brown! Give a gift that will help create family memories and bring sweet delight to anyone. Hot cocoa is the perfect pick-me-up on a cold winter day. Our set includes three single-use packets, one each of...

  • Candy Ornaments from Gourmet Village Whimsical Candy Ornaments Dragon Eggs - Whimsical Candy Ornaments Mermaid Pearls - Whimsical Candy Ornaments Unicorn Poop - Whimsical Candy Ornaments

    Whimsical Jelly Bean Candy Ornaments

    Have you ever eaten Dragon Eggs? They're delicious! How about Unicorn Poop? Yummy! Our Whimsical Jelly Bean Ornaments from Gourmet Village let you sample your choice of fantastic treats! Each ornament is filled with one of four tasty jelly bean...

  • Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament

    Canadian Bagged Milk Christmas Ornament

    Any American can leave Santa a glass of milk... in Canada, we give him the whole bag! Yup, bagged milk is a quintessentially Canadian thing, and our Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament will help you celebrate the greatest Canuck invention since the zipper. So...

  • Canadian Caesar Christmas Ornament

    Canadian Caesar Christmas Ornament

    Haul out the Clamato juice and worcestershire sauce, because Santa's drinking Caesars this Christmas! Celebrate Canada's answer to the Bloody Mary by hanging our Caesar ornament on your holiday tree. Complete with a stalk of celery!Details: Materials...

  • Poutine Canadian Christmas Ornament ML-MTLOR01 - Poutine Canadian Christmas Ornament 2 Poutine Ornament in Box

    Canadian Poutine Christmas Ornament

    For the perfect Christmas tree all you need is three ingredients: fries, gravy and curds! Now you can have it all in one delicious looking ornament. The poutine ornament depicts this Canadian invention with fries, smothered in gravy, topped with cheese...

  • Elf movie Illustrated Story Book Elf Illustrated Story Book Elf christmas book

    Elf: The Classic Illustrated Storybook

    Rediscover the laughter and cheer of Buddy the Elf in this adorable picture book for readers of all ages! Buddy the Elf has more Christmas spirit than anyone, but he's never quite fit in with the other elves at the North Pole. Then Buddy learns that he's...

  • Eyeball in Ooze Eyeball in Ooze Novelty

    Eyeball in Ooze Novelty

    Every kid needs a tub of ghastly goo with a floating eyeball inside! Assorted colours of goo, quite revolting! Good for a scream. An assortment is pictured, however you will receive one piece with a randomly selected colour.

  • Fred Flintstone 360 Character Crew Socks by Bioworld Fred Flintstone 360 Socks Fred Flintstone 360 socks front Fred Flintstone 360 socks back

    Fred Flintstone 360 Character Crew Socks by Bioworld

    Do you want to wear these awesome Fred Flintstone socks? Yes, you Yabba-dabba DO! Straight from the stone-age, they really rock! Fred Flintstone is bold and bright on these graphic 360-degree design socks. Details: Fits men's shoe size 8 - 12,...

  • Funko Soda Vampire Jack with Chase 52423 Vinyl Soda: Vampire Jack Vinyl Soda: Vampire Jack w/ Chase Can Vinyl Soda: Vampire Jack Glow Chase

    Funko Vinyl Soda: Vampire Jack with Chase 52423

    Introducing Funko's Vinyl SODA! This Night Before Christmas Pop Vinyl Soda Can features a 4 1/4" tall vinyl figure of Jack Skellington as Vampire Jack. You have a 1 in 6 chance of scoring the Glow in the Dark Chase version!