These products are so unique they defy categorization. But they all have one thing in common, they make great gifts and stocking stuffers!

  • Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Stickers Ew Covid! Alexis sticker Moira Rose Schitt's Creek sticker

    Ew, COVID! Schitt's Creek Parody Stickers - Set of 2

    Are you a little bit Alexis? Then this Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Sticker set is for you! The "EW, COVID!" sticker is a clever twist of the famous Alexis Rose quote "Ew, David!". The Moira Rose sticker is a hilarious take on one of Catherine O'Hara's...

  • Mini Colouring Pencils Mini Colouring Pencils Pots

    Mini Colouring Pencils

    A mini pot of easily transportable colouring pencils, complete with a pencil sharpener! Each Mini Colouring Pencil set comes with five 3.5" pencil crayons in green, blue, red, yellow, brown and black. You will receive either a pink or blue pencil sharper...

  • Nee Doh The Groovy Glob The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH

    The Original Nee Doh Groovy Glob Stress Ball

    The Classic Nee Doh is the Groovy Glob that started it all! The original NeeDoh ball is known for its durable squish that helps you mellow out and soothe your soul. Available in an array of bright colours, the Classic NeeDoh makes for an exciting sensory...

  • Taylor Swift Sticker Sheet

    Swiftie Stickers - Taylor Swift Sticker Sheet

    Bring a pop of Swiftie magic to every surface with these Taylor Swift stickers – turning notebooks, laptops, and water bottles into a dazzling display of Taylor's signature style. Unleash the power of Taylor's lyrics and vibrant artwork...

  • Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce – Travel Size

    Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Mini Bottle

    This travel size bottle of Ass Kickin’ Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is sure to call out to all the hot sauce fanatics across the globe. At over 1,000,000 heat units, these Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia) one of the hottest pepper in the world. EXTREMELY...

  • Ass Kickin’ Bacon Hot Sauce – Travel Size

    Ass Kickin’ Bacon Hot Sauce Mini Bottle

    Take this mini bottle of smokey Ass Kickin’ Bacon .75 oz. Hot Sauce anywhere you go! Even this mini bottle size will round house kick your taste buds. Details: 0.75 oz Travel size Made in the USA

  • Ass Kickin’ Wasabi Hot Sauce – Travel Size

    Ass Kickin’ Wasabi Hot Sauce Mini Bottle

    Ass Kickin’ Wasabi Hot Sauce is Japanese wasabi horseradish blended with habanero pepper that will bring a tear to your eye. Even this mini bottle size will round house kick your taste buds. Details: 0.75 oz Travel size Made in the USA

  • Bag of Marbles

    Bag of Marbles

    A pocket money classic! This bag of marbles features nine colourful marbles in a white mesh bag, with instructions on how to play the retro playground game. Details: One large marble, and eight small marbles Mesh bag with instructions on paper...

  • Hopscotch Game

    Hopscotch Playground Game

    A hop, skip & a jump ahead! A fabulously retro Hopscotch game that will certainly bring back some fond memories. Packaged in a gorgeous gift box, it includes everything you need to play the classic playground game. Details: Ages 4+

  • Cat's Cradle Set

    Cat's Cradle

    Cats cradle is a classic children’s favourite. This set comes with the cat’s cradle cord and full instructions for this classic playground game. A gorgeous innovative envelope is provided for easy storage. Details: Ages 4+ Cord will be...

  • Toy Soldier Erasers

    Toy Soldier Erasers

    Our Toy Soldier Erasers are always ready to clean up your homework mistakes! Made of soft green rubbery eraser material they are a great addition to school stationary kits or can be placed on the office desk. There are 3 designs to collect, and you will...

  • Mini Fighter Racing Plane Mini Racing Planes

    Mini Fighter Racing Plane

    There are two different miniature foam Miniature Racing Planes to pop out and build in each pack. These easy-to-assemble planes come in a retro-inspired sleeve and are perfect for party bags. Ten different designs to collect in total and you will receive...

  • Oversized Gift Exchange Dice in Package Oversized Gift Exchange Dice Oversized Gift Exchange Dice - Lifestyle

    Secret Santa Swap Gift Exchange Oversized Die

    Throw a new twist on a classic tradition and shake up your gift exchange with this fun oversized die. 12 sided die features a prompt on each side Squishy foam Dimensions: 3 in. x 3 in. x 3 in. HOW TO PLAYEach person playing adds a wrapped gift to...

  • Wind Up Christmas Toys

    Wind Up Christmas Toys

    Get wound up for the holidays with these adorable Christmas wind up toys! You will receive a random pick of either a Santa, Snowman, Penguin or Bear. These cute wind up toys march forward in their Santa hats!

  • Own Your Own Home Figurine Size

    Own Your Own Home Figurine

    Want to buy a house but don't have the cash? Finally own the house of your dreams with the Own Your Own Home! This funny figurine is a pocket sized red house to carry around while you dream!

  • Gremlins Memory Master Card Game Gremlins Memory Master Card Game 2

    Gremlins Memory Master Card Game

    A CARD GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Put your memory to the ultimate test with your fellow fans at your next game night party with this incredibly entertaining Gremlins card game that the whole family can enjoy MEMORIZE, SWITCH, MATCH AND...

  • Beetlejuice Memory Master Card Game Beetlejuice Memory Master Card Game 2

    Beetlejuice Memory Master Card Game

    A CARD GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Put your memory to the ultimate test with your fellow fans at your next Beetlejuice party and game night with this incredibly entertaining Beetlejuice card game that the whole family can enjoy MEMORIZE, SWITCH, MATCH...

  • Sunny the Blobfish

    Sunny the Blobfish

    While it’s in the water, a blobfish looks like any other fish, but as soon as you take it out, it transforms into a cartoonishly sad human face. We sometimes sing a song about blobfish that goes something like, “Blobfish, Blobfish, looks...

  • Collection of Mini Mushrooms

    Collection of Mini Mushrooms

    This Collection of Mini Mushrooms is a set of eight soft vinyl magical mushrooms each with its own stand. You can leave them in the cabinet of curiosities style package or take them out and make your own fairy circle. They are all based on real...

  • Cleaning Kitties

    Cleaning Kitties

    Cleaning Kitties are for cat owners who accept that their cats have already won. Cats and cleanliness go hand in paw. Of course, while they enjoy cleaning themselves, let's just say they don’t have any shame about doing it at any time or anywhere...

  • Finger Hedgehogs by Archie McPhee Hedgehog Finger Puppets

    Hedgehog Finger Puppets

    If there were ever a pageant of animals with quills, hedgehogs would probably win. (Although, have you seen that video of a porcupine eating corn?) This set of four 1-3/4" tall, soft vinyl hedgehog finger puppets comes in an assortment of four different...

  • Perky Pigeon Novelty Wind-Up Perky Pigeon

    Wind-Up Perky Pigeon

    Keeping pigeons is a great hobby, but it’s expensive and messy. This 3-5/8" tall, hard vinyl wind-up pigeon is a fantastic replacement. When you wind it up, it skitters around like the real thing. Just scatter some seeds on the ground, wind it up...

  •  Deluxe Monster Finger Puppets

    Deluxe Monster Finger Puppets

    Our Finger Monsters will make you scared of your own finger! Looking for a monster with bulgy eyes and jiggly limbs? These best-selling Deluxe Finger Monsters are the all-time greatest finger frights! Every 2” tall, soft plastic fiend is a...

  • Emergency Googly Eyes in Tin

    Emergency Googly Eyes in Tin

    We're going to let you in on a secret that, until now, had only been shared with kindergarten teachers and crafters: googly eyes make everything better! Our Emergency Googly Eyes come in a beautiful, eye-catching tin filled with twenty pairs of plastic...

  • Racing Possum in a Peanut Car Possum in a Peanut

    Possum in a Peanut

    Welcome to a magical land that looks like the idyllic countryside of a children’s book, but is truly an improbable place where alliterative animals drive around in legume cars. This pull-back peanut piloted by a possum is 5" long, has four wheels...

  • Air Freshener - Possum 2 Air Freshener - Possum

    Air Freshener - Possum

    This 4-5/8" long, heavy cardstock air freshener is playing dead and smelling like the banana peel it slept on last night. It’s a pretty cute possum from its toothy snout to the tip of its fleshy tail. This air freshener says to every passenger in...

  • Keychain - Rubber Chicken

    Keychain - Rubber Chicken

    This keyring has the key… to hilarity! Put your keys on a rubber chicken and show the world your sophisticated sense of humor. The bright yellow colour and bumpy skin make it easy to locate if you’re groping around in your bag or backpack...

  • Lord Phartwell's Hairy Scary "Jumping" Spider Lord Phartwell's Hairy Scary "Jumping" Spider 2

    Lord Phartwell's Hairy Scary Jumping Spider

    Beware – not for those with arachnophobia! Watch this rather hairy spider come alive as it jumps about. Great for party bags, stocking fillers and Halloween.  Scare the living daylights out of some poor unsuspecting passer by! ...

  • Coca-Cola Collectible 5" Plush Coca-Cola Collectible 5" Plush 2

    Coca-Cola Pop Cans Collectibles 5" Plush

    Enjoy a fun surprise with the 12oz POP CANS! Plush Collectibles. Open your Coca-Cola can to reveal a hidden plush inside! Container stores one 5" soft plush collectible. Pull them out to play, or stuff them back in when your done! There are 5...

    MSRP: C$16.99
    Was: C$16.99
    Now: C$12.99
  • Koosh Classic Ball 2 Koosh Classic Ball Koosh Classic Ball 3

    Koosh Full Size Classic Ball

    Have a ball with the return of the original Koosh ball! The same quality construction that has made Koosh a top toy for decades now has all new ways to play! Koosh is great for playing indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the go! This classic 3-inch ball...

  • Nee Doh Squishmas Squishkins Nee Doh Squishmas Squishkins 2

    Nee Doh Squishmas Squishkins Set of 4

    Doh-ho-ho! Nee Doh Squshmas Squishkins are here to make your holiday squishy and bright! These adorable lil' guys are doh-filled and come 4 to a pack in their own gingerbread house box. Printed faces. Includes 4 characters: Groovy the Doh-Man The...

  • Take Me in the Kitchen Sponge Set

    Take Me in the Kitchen Sponge Set

    Wouldn’t you love to have a hand in the kitchen? This is the splashy sponge set (Take me in the Kitchen / Have Me in the Bath) you need. Every squishy, scrubby Dirty Mind sponge gives you what you want – a nice, clean fork. Keep...