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These products are so unique they defy categorization. But they all have one thing in common, they make great gifts and stocking stuffers!

  • Peeps Marshmallow Scented Notebooks - 3 Pack

    Peeps Marshmallow Scented Notebook 3-Pack

    Three Peeps marshmallow scented notebooks. The perfect stocking stuffer for your Peeps-loving friends or family! PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT: We know your child will absolutely love their Peeps Marshmallow Scented Notebooks.  Safe and non-toxic: gift...

  • Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Stickers Ew Covid! Alexis sticker Moira Rose Schitt's Creek sticker

    Ew, COVID! Schitt's Creek Parody Stickers - Set of 2

    Are you a little bit Alexis? Then this Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Sticker set is for you! The "EW, COVID!" sticker is a clever twist of the famous Alexis Rose quote "Ew, David!". The Moira Rose sticker is a hilarious take on one of Catherine O'Hara's...

  • Squirting Flower

    Squirting Flower

    Enter the world of playful pranks with our Squirting Flower. This classic joke toy, disguised as a cheerful flower, offers a fun surprise – a gentle squirt of water! Ideal for friendly pranks, it will elicit laughter and light-hearted surprises...

  •  Slimy Sticky Slugs

    Slimy Sticky Slugs

    Embrace the gooey side of play with our Slimy Sticky Slugs! This set, featuring two ultra-realistic gastropods in black and transparent designs, is perfect for those who love squishy fun. With their grotesque appearance and stretchable texture, these...

  • Spider Surprise Box

    Spider Surprise Box

    Prepare for a mix of surprise and laughter with the Spider Surprise Box! Crafted as a seemingly ordinary wooden tea box, it conceals an amusing shock – a spider with red eyes that springs out unexpectedly. Ideal for those who relish a playful...

  • Amusing Disguise Display Amusing Disguise Glasses

    Amusing Disguise Glasses

    Prepare for a burst of laughter with our Amusing Disguise! This playful pair of glasses with bushy eyebrows, a sizeable comic nose and a moustache is a recipe for instant hilarity. Ideal for injecting a dose of humour into any situation, these glasses...

  • Invisible Ink Spy Pen Spy Pen Spy Pen with Invisible Ink

    Spy Pen with Invisible Ink

    This clever spy pen lets you write secret messages only revealed by the built in U.V. light! Perfect for any budding spy. Details: Ages 3+ 7.09 × 5.91 × 5.91 in

  • Rear-View Glasses Display  Eye Spy Spex with Package  Eye Spy Spex

    Eye Spy Spex Rear-View Glasses

    These stylish mirrored spy-specs allow you to see behind you! Perfect for the budding spy. They make a cool accessory for the budding spy or private detective. Details: You'll receive ONE pair of Eye Spy Spex Ages 3+ Packaging:  Clear Cello...

  • Slinky Snake Display Slinky Snake Slinky Snake

    Slinky Snake

    Experience the slithering fun of our Slinky Snakes! These multi-jointed toys offer a lifelike simulation of snake movements, providing an engaging and interactive play experience. Hold the tail and watch them move realistically. Ideal for imaginative...

  • Glow Stars Glow Stars

    Glow Stars

    Glow-in-the-dark! Cover any ceiling or wall with these glowing stick-up stars. Perfect for stargazers! Children who struggle with the dark will love them. To use simply expose the stars to daylight & watch them glow during the night! Best when...

  • Farty Putty Display  Farty Putty

    Farty Putty

    Squidge it, squish it or stretch it: Whatever you do you will produce hilarious farting noises while doing it. You will receive one randomly selected Farty Putty. If you order more than one, we'll try to send an assortment. Details: Ages...

  • Skydiver Display Skydiver OOP Old-School Skydiver Old-School Skydiver

    Old-School Skydiver

    Chute ’em up! Throw in the air or drop from a height & watch as your skydiver makes his way down. Man height approx: 9 cms  You will receive one randomly selected skydiver. If you order more than one, we'll try to send an assortment...

  • Make Your Own Paper Airplanes Make Your Own Paper Airplanes

    Make Your Own Paper Airplanes

    Paper planes Kit part of our range of plane construction kits to teach new skills. Nine assorted designs of paper planes. Choose from super hero or army as just a couple of the designs you will find inside this eye-catching envelope. Details: Ages...

  • Pick-Up Sticks Pick-Up Sticks

    Pick-Up Sticks

    Pick-up sticks is a wonderful game that is also sometimes called Spillikins, Jerk-Straw or Mikado. Whatever you want to call it, this is a game which has been loved by children all over the world for centuries. The Victorians loved pickup sticks and...

  • Goth Cats Goth Cats Goth Cats Goth Cats Goth Cats

    Goth Cats

    GOTH CATS RULE THE NIGHT Does your kitty rule the night? Some cats are a little bit different. Their souls seem to be a constant swirl of misty darkness and they are barely able to put up with your happiness and attempts to amuse them. These soft vinyl...

  • Bigfoot Finger Puppet Bigfoot Finger Puppet Bigfoot Finger Puppet

    Bigfoot Finger Puppet

    A FOOT ON YOUR FINGER Our new Bigfoot Finger Puppet is proudly displaying his famous tootsies to the world. Most finger puppets don’t have feet, but we couldn’t leave them off Bigfoot! These 2.25" tall, soft vinyl Bigfoot Finger Puppets are...

  •  Nose Finger Puppet  Nose Finger Puppet  Nose Finger Puppet

    Nose Finger Puppet

    THIS FINGER PUPPET IS NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT While some might say everyone has their own Nose Finger Puppet, we still see the need in polite society for a Nose Finger Puppet. You have so many finger puppets to choose from, but discerning customers pick...

  •  Meditating Mushroom  Meditating Mushroom  Meditating Mushroom  Meditating Mushroom Meditating Mushroom

    Meditating Mushroom

    A MEDLEY OF MINDFUL MUSHROOMS Meditating Mushrooms are for goblincore fanatics! When you see mushrooms in the forest sitting in a ring, it might be that they’re just on a fungus-friendly meditation retreat. They use their mindfulness to open the...

  • Disappointed Sigh Button

    Disappointed Sigh Button

    AUTOMATED DISMAY Did you ever get so tired of sighing at things that you wanted to sigh, but then realized that would only make things worse? These days, so many things are disappointing that it’s too much of an effort to do all the sighing...

  • Emergency Monkey Button

    Emergency Monkey Button

    MORE FUN THAN A POCKETFUL OF MONKEYS Are you a chimp simp? We’ve all dreamed of having a monkey accompany us in our daily business, but we’ve watched enough nature documentaries to know that’s a terrible idea. Our plastic electronic...

  • Handerpants Handerpants


    UNDERPANTS FOR YOUR HANDS Are you really naked under those gloves? For Pete's sake, put on some Handerpants! These 95% cotton, 5% spandex, fingerless gloves have the look and feel of men's briefs. Slip them on underneath your gloves for extra warmth and...

  • Collection of Mini Garden Birds Collection of Mini Garden Birds

    Collection of Mini Garden Birds

    A FLOCK IN YOUR POCKET Spotting a beautiful bird in your backyard is like watching a fashion show. This Collection of Mini Garden Birds is a set of eight different soft vinyl birds that you can arrange to your heart's desire. The package is designed to...

  • Squeaky Pickle Squeaky Pickle

    Squeaky Pickle

    A PICKLE WITH PERFECTLY POSITIVE PERSONALITY You knew pickles could yodel, but we’ve upped the game with our Squeak Pickle. In the Archie McPhee laboratories, we wondered what would happen if we crossed our Squawking Chicken with a pickle. The...

  • Axolotl Air Freshener

    Axolotl Air Freshener

    SMELLS LIKE A SMILE When you’re trapped in traffic, the sly smile of this pink axolotl will remind you that you’d probably be happier living underwater surrounded by bubbles. Not to mention, this 4.75" tall, heavy cardstock air freshener...

  • Aromatic Mushroom Air Freshener Aromatic Mushroom Air Freshener

    Aromatic Mushroom Air Freshener

    FEELING DOWN? HAVE A LITTLE FUNGUS! Hopefully, your car isn’t so musty it has actual mushrooms in it. This Mushroom Air Freshener is so realistic, you’ll feel like a gnome every time you drive. This 3.75" tall Mushroom Air Freshener smells...

  • Splat Possum Splat Possum

    Splat Possum

    EXPRESS YOUR PASSION WITH POSSUMS The Splat Possum is a bit of a masochist. Whether you are dropping it or throwing it as hard as possible, this possum will take it with a devious grin. Angry? Splat the possum! Happy? Celebrate with a possum toss! Splat...

  • Office Squirrel Office Squirrel

    Office Squirrel

    YOUR SQUIRREL FRIDAY   You don’t have to be nuts to work here, but it helps! The Office Squirrel is an 8-1/2" tall, stuffed latex squirrel with bendable, posable arms that would be really happy to hang on your monitor and complain...

  • Nee Doh - Noodlies in Take Out Box Nee Doh - Noodlies in Take Out Box

    Nee Doh - Noodlies in Take Out Box

    Noodlies fulfill the fun of playing with your food…without the mess! You can squeeze, stretch, knot, or mash these elastic noodles to your heart’s desire. Noodlies are brightly colored in 5 fluorescent tones and offer a unique sensory play...

  • Silly Putty Silly Putty Inside the Egg! Silly Putty Newsprint trick

    Original Silly Putty

    Stretch your imagination with Silly Putty, the timeless classic! Its unique blend of bouncing, molding, and stretching action has been an important part of childhood since 1950. This pliable putty not only bounces high and stretches thin, but...