These products are so unique they defy categorization. But they all have one thing in common, they make great gifts and stocking stuffers!

  • Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Stickers Ew Covid! Alexis sticker Moira Rose Schitt's Creek sticker

    Ew, COVID! Schitt's Creek Parody Stickers - Set of 2

    Are you a little bit Alexis? Then this Schitt's Creek COVID Parody Sticker set is for you! The "EW, COVID!" sticker is a clever twist of the famous Alexis Rose quote "Ew, David!". The Moira Rose sticker is a hilarious take on one of Catherine O'Hara's...

  • Squeezy Peek Hatchers Squeezy Peek Hatchers - Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Unicorn

    Squeezy Peek Hatchers

    These Squeezy Peak Hatchers hold the cutest pop-up surprises! The teenie eggs are cracked open just slightly, revealing an adorable mini creature just waiting to peak out of its shell. Just give it a squeeze and out pops a dear little creature! Choose...

  • Holy Toast Bread Stamp Packaging

    Holy Toast Miracle Bread Stamp

    Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy-to-use Holy Toast stamper always makes a good impression.  Details: Material: plastic Instructions included 4.19" tall

  • Password Keeper Book Password Keeper

    Password Keeper Book

    With this Password Keeper Book you can store up to 60 passwords, and keep them safe! The title sticker on the cover is removable so that book remains discreet. This accordion style book allows you to write the website, username and password for all your...

  • Cleaning Putty Jar Keyboard example

    Cleaning Putty

    This multi-purpose cleaning putty is a reusable, antibacterial putty to roll on your items to remove all dirt and debris. Use this cleaning putty on electronics, keyboard, plants, and in your car.   

  • Metal Retro Pen Pack Retro Pens

    Metal Retro Pens

    Go to the office in swanky style with this set of three Metal Retro Pens. These sturdy and high quality ballpoint pens are black ink in handsome shades of red, green and navy blue. Details: 3 pack of pens 1mm. Medium point 5.75" tall

  • Packaging To Do List

    Ted Lasso To Do List

    Stay organised with this handy and magnetic Ted Lasso To Do List.The 52 page to do list comes with a magnetic back so you can display it on your kitchen fridge and it will always be in view. Each page is lined and features a few memorable Ted Lasso...

  • Bigfoot Erasers Pink Bigfoot Eraser Groovy Bigfoot Erasers in Box A gathering of Bigfoot Erasers

    Groov'n Bigfoot Eraser

    IT’S BIGFOOT AND IT’S FREAKY These Bigfoot Erasers are the perfect thing to erase all the things “the man” has forced you to think. Bigfoot doesn’t want your harsh vibes, he just wants to practice mindfulness on a...

  • Happy Axolotls Happy Axolotls in their habitat! Happy Axolotls in Box

    Happy Axolotl Vinyl Figure

    AMPHIBIOUSLY ADORABLE Anyone who knows what an axolotl is will want at least a few of these! These 3" long, soft vinyl axolotls come in four glorious color combinations. They’re even smiling!  You will receive ONE Axolotl in a randomly...

  • Yodelling Pickle

    Electronic Yodelling Pickle

    THIS PICKLE IS THE ULTIMATE CONVERSATION PIECE... THAT ALSO YODELS! Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? So were we. At last, the Electronic Yodelling Pickle that...

  • Racing Cats In Boxes Racing Cats In Boxes Display Case

    Racing Cats In Boxes

    It’s a regular kitty-in-box convoy! Each 2.5" long, fast-moving feline is made of soft vinyl and plastic. Pull them back and watch them go!   Details: You'll receive one randomly chosen Racing Cat. (If you order more than one, we'll try...

  • Handiclaus Finger Puppets Packaged View Handiclaus Finger Puppets Unpackaged View Handiclaus Finger Puppets Lifestyle Shot

    Handiclaus Finger Puppets

    Your kids will believe in Santa Claus when they see your boring hand gussied up for Christmas with Handiclaus. Arrange these finger puppets on your fingers and bam, instant Santa! Only a hand dressed as Scrooge would “Bah, humbug”...

  • Christmas Pop-It Fidget Activity Christmas Santa Hat Pop-It Fidget Activity Christmas Santa Pop-It Fidget Activity Christmas Tree Pop-It Fidget Activity Christmas Gingerbread Pop-It Fidget Activity

    Christmas Pop-It Fidget Activity

    These Christmas pop fidget toys are a fun and festive activity for kids!  Details: Dimensions: Between 6" -7" tall Materials: Plastic  Choose from the following designs: Santa, Santa hat, Christmas tree and gingerbread man 

  • Pencils for The Days of The Week Pencils for The Days of The Week Close-Up View

    Pencils for The Days of The Week

    WOW, WHAT A CONCEPT. No longer do you have an excuse not to use a fresh pencil each and every day! Plus, we’ve even included (at no extra cost) a handy Blursday pencil for those days when you can’t be bothered to figure out what day it...

  • Pencils for Cool Dads Pencils for Cool Dads Lifestyle Shot

    Pencils for Cool Dads

    SO FUNNY, I FORGOT TO LAUGH. Where in the heck are you and the other dads getting these so-called “jokes” from anyway, Corny Dads Quarterly? I mean, come on now… Does every conversation need a fart reference? Are you all a hive mind?...

  • Pencils for Okay Moms Pencils for Okay Moms Close-Up View

    Pencils for Okay Moms

    CONGRATULATIONS. You're the world's okayest mom! Please don’t take offense! Face it, perfect moms are the absolute worst, what with their spotless car seats, healthy and organic snacks packed neatly in recyclable containers, and quick-draw first...

  • Pencils for Cat People

    Pencils for Cat People

    Here, Kitty Kitty... I have a surprise for youuuu...Darn it, where are you? Remember that time you told me you wished you could be a little policeman? I’m sure you said that. And I’ve got JUST the costume for that! Come on, kitty, kitty. My...

  • Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Funky Chunky Magnet

    Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Funky Chunky Magnet

    You'll be saying "good. fine." with this Bert and Ernie fridge magnet.  These aren't your run-of-the-mill fridge magnets. They're lightweight and laser cut, but they're so chunky that they can stand on their own! Truly awesome magnets...

  • Flashing Bulb Drink Bottle and Straw by DM Merchandising Flashing Holiday Beverage Bulb Flashing Holiday Blue Beverage Bulb Flashing Holiday Green Beverage Bulb Flashing Holiday Yellow Beverage Bulb

    Flashing Holiday Beverage Bulb

    ‘Tis the season to sip! Perfect for all ages, these fun oversized bulbs light up from the bottom with three flash modes and a festive paper straw. Great for parties and events, holiday travel, and family fun. Fill with candy or other goodies for an...

  • Lump of Coal - Charcoal Bath Bomb Lump of Coal - Charcoal Bath Bomb

    Lump of Coal - Charcoal Bath Bomb

    Whether you've been naughty or nice, get in the festive spirit with this Lump of Coal Bath Bomb. This 100g (3.4 oz) charcoal coloured bath bomb comes with a warm and sweet caramel toffee scent to remind you of the Christmas season. To use, simply place...

  • Buddy the Elf Lip Balm Set of 3 Buddy the Elf Lip Balm Set of 3

    Buddy the Elf Lip Balm Set of 3

    Protect your lips from getting chapped in the cold winter weather and spread some Christmas cheer with this Elf Lip Balm Trio. The set of three 4g (0.14 oz) lip balms includes three flavours: strawberry, cherry, and vanilla. Each tube is decorated with...

  • Banana Phone Stand Boxed View - Banana Phone Stand Monkeying around with Banana Phone Stand Glamour Shot of the Banana Phone Stand Banana Phone Stand

    Banana Phone Stand

    Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring ... Banana Phone Stand! You'll go bananas for this handy phone stand. So appealing, it's a bunch of help when you need it. Approx. 3-inches x 3-inches

  • Happy Camper Pencil Holder Happy Camper - Lifestyle Shot Happy Camper Pencil Holder in Package Happy Camper - Assembled

    Happy Camper - Pencil Holder

    Are we there yet? Park this retro-styled camper on your desk, toss in your pens and pencils, kick back and relax. Fred's all-season HAPPY CAMPER pencil holder comes flat-packed with simple instructions for quick and easy assembly. Made of durable MDF...

  • Snack Throwback Bag Clips Sample View Snack Throwback Clips Lifestyle Shot - Snack Throwback Snack Throwback Bag Clips - Infographic

    Snack Throwback Bag Clips

    Snack Throwback was created for those who prefer their snacks with a side of nostalgia and a nod to classic 80s toys. You might be old, but your snacks shouldn’t taste that way! Set of 4 spring-loaded bag clips, each measures 2.4" in diameter and...

  • Flip Side Dishwasher Magnet - His Turn Her Turn His Turn Her Turn Dishwasher Magnet Her Turn His Turn Dishwasher Magnet Her Turn Dishwasher Magnet in Action

    His Turn, Her Turn - Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

    Is it His Turn or Her Turn to load the dishwasher? Just check the sign! Our FlipSide Dishwasher Sign is a reversible magnetic plaque that keeps you in the know with a mere flick of the wrist. Just pop the magnet on any dishwasher door, and...

  • Lumberjack Baby Big and Teether Set Lumberjack Baby! Dressed to Spill Lumberjack Baby Set in Box Saw Teether Lumberjack Bib

    Baby Lumberjack Bib and Teether Set

    Our DRESSED TO SPILL baby set comes with a soft, gum-soothing silicone teether and a fashionable, coordinating bib to make baby look like a tiny lumberjack! Two layers of 100% cotton fabric sandwich a waterproof layer of TPU to keep spills on the bib,...

  • Packaged Dumbbell Rattle Dumbbell Rattle for Babies Baby Dumbbell Rattle

    Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle

    Buff Baby turns Junior into a bench-pressin' body-builder! Your little one's curiosity will be piqued by the gentle rattle sound and natural hand-grips, while your sense of irony will be satisfied by watching Junior do 3 sets of 10. it,...

  • All Seeing Eyes Ball Model View All Seeing Eyes Ball All Seeing Eyes Ball Packaged View

    All Seeing Eyes Ball

    The all-seeing Eyes Ball has you spotted! This fun, freaky ball is full of ever-changing googly eyes. Just give it a tap, and Eyes Ball lights upon impact. Details: Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"  Materials: Rubber  Packaging: Full colour...

  • Nutty Squirrel Popper Nutty Squirrel Popper Front View Nutty Squirrel Popper Side View Nutty Squirrel Popper Nutty Squirrel Popper Packaged View

    Nutty Squirrel Popper

    Squeeeeze the squirrel to see it pop out! The perfect stress reliever. Details: Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"  Materials: Rubber  Packaging: Full colour illustrated hang tag  Suitable for ages 3+   

  • Snot Card Game

    Snot Card Game

    Snot is a game that is not to be sneezed at! Players lay their cards in sequence from Ahhh, to Choo, to Snot, then Tissue.  Play a Snot Me card to skip the next player, or Back Up Bogey card to change the direction of play. Breathe freely when you...

  • Surprise Bag

    Surprise Bag with Candy & Toys

    These Surprise Bags by Regal are filled with popular nostalgic candy, toys, and novelty items for anyone to enjoy! A fun gift for someone who loves variety and fun! Regal Confections is the largest distributor of confectioneries in Canada. With over...

  • Bad Hair Day Magnetic Novelty

    Bad Hair Day Magnetic Novelty

    Use the magnetic wand to give Jane a bad hair day! We’ve all been stuck inside for a while, with limited access to hairdressers. That has led to some crazy hairstyles during video conferences and some very questionable home haircuts. This Bad Hair...

  • Chill, Baby Dressed To Spill - Hot Pepper Bib and Teether Set Chill, Baby Dressed To Spill - Hot Pepper Bib and Teether Set Chill, Baby Dressed To Spill - Hot Pepper Bib and Teether Set - box view

    Baby's First Hot Pepper Challenge - Bib and Teether Set

    Make the laughs go viral with this coordinating set featuring a hot pepper challenge bib and red chili pepper teether! It's the perfect combo for when Junior needs to chili out. Two layers of 100% cotton fabric sandwich with a waterproof layer of TPU to...

  • Amusing Animals Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Amusing Animals Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Dinosaur - Green Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Yeti - Blue Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Dragon - Orange Hot Chocolate 3-Pack

    Amusing Animals Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack

    These Amusing Animals colour-changing hot chocolate packets will add some colourful antics to cocoa time at your house! Grab your favourite mug and add hot water (or hot milk for an even richer taste!) The cocoa powder starts out white, but changes...

  • Spooky Halloween Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack Spooky Halloween Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack - Vampire Spooky Halloween Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack - Frankenstein Spooky Halloween Colour Changing Hot Chocolate 3-Pack - Witches Brew

    Spooky Halloween Hot Chocolate 3-Pack

    These Spooky Halloween hot chocolate packets will add some frightful antics to cocoa time at your house! Grab your favourite mug and add hot water (or hot milk for an even richer taste!) The Witches Brew cocoa powder is orange flavoured and turns...