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  • Grammar Police Pencils In Box Grammar police Pencils OOP

    Pencils for The Grammar Police

    Welcome to the grammar club, smarty pants. But as a club member, you now have to quit whining about other people’s grammatical errors. Trust me on this point, you're still making some.. Details: Each box comes with 8 standard No. 2...

  • Key Chain Tape Measure Key Chain Tape Measure

    Tiny Tape Measure Keychain

    A Handy Pocket Tool This 1.25 inch metal tape measures metric & imperial. Features a lock button and .25 inch wide blade.  Details: 1M Tape Measure and Keychain

  • Pulse Women's Socks Angles

    Pulse Women's Crew Socks by Cool Socks

    Check your pulse, these socks will make your heart flutter! Shop our collection of medical socks for your favourite nurse, PSW, or doctor. These red, white and sky blue socks have a snug fit for compression and comfort during a long shift...

  • Sewing Machine Glass Ornament

    Sewing Machine Glass Ornament by Old World Christmas

    This heirloom-quality Sewing Machine glass ornament is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. A solution of hot liquid silver is added for exceptional colour and vibrancy. Ornaments are then hand-painted and hand-glittered for a fine finish...

  • John Deere Christmas Stocking

    John Deere Stocking

    This John Deere Christmas stocking features a John Deere 4020 Tractor vehicle decorated with Christmas lights on a snowy background with a barn in the distance. Each stocking has a plush white cuff with the John Deere logo and tagline "Quality...

  • It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle

    It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle

    Uggggggh... How is it only TUESDAY? It’s been a full year since the work week started. I swear I can feel each individual cell in my body slowly dying to the beat of that annoying wall clock. And Glen in the next cubicle. Ghod. If he...

  • Soap For Caffeine Addicts Soap For Caffeine Addicts Lifestyle Shot

    Soap For Caffeine Addicts

    Don't talk to me before my first coffee. I mean it. I need at least a full pot before I can even talk properly. I don't know exactly how I got here but I'm definitely digging it. Without sporting vibrating knees and jittery teeth, is it really even me...

  • F*ck Work Emergency Ambiance Tin F*ck Work Emergency Ambiance Tin Inside View F*ck Work Emergency Ambiance Tin Lifestyle Shot #2 F*ck Work Emergency Ambiance Tin Lifestyle Shot #1

    Fuck Work - Emergency Ambiance Candle in Tin

    This corner bar scented candle is the perfect gift for anyone who hates their job or just simply work in general. Don't quit, instead light one of the matches conveniently stored inside the lid and breathe om in.  Details: Dimensions: Tin...

  • Oh the Places You'll Go Notebook & Charm Set Oh the Places You'll Go Journal Notebook Oh the Places You'll Go Notebook & Pen Gift Set Detail of the Dr Seuss Notebook I will succeed guaranteed!

    Oh the Places You'll Go Notebook & Pen Gift Set

    And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) Jot down inspiring ideas, to-do lists and special memories with our fun Dr. Seuss journal and pen set. Features a colourful design based on the popular book "Oh, the Places...

10 of 10 Items