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  • Eyeball in Ooze Eyeball in Ooze Novelty

    Eyeball in Ooze Novelty

    Every kid needs a tub of ghastly goo with a floating eyeball inside! Assorted colours of goo, quite revolting! Good for a scream. An assortment is pictured, however you will receive one piece with a randomly selected colour.

  • One of Those Magnetic Desktop Toy Things. Desktop magnetic toy House of Marbles Desktop magnetic structure House of Marbles Desktop magnetic toy

    One of Those Magnetic Desktop Toy Things.

    Stack up the little magnetic men in lots of amusing & weird positions…then knock them down again. A strangely entertaining & useful distraction or stress reliever at work! Comes packaged in an amusing gift box measuring 3.25" x 4.25".

  • Creepy Crawly Gloopy Glop Creepy Crawlies in Goo Creepy Crawly in goo orange

    Creepy Crawly Gloopy Glop Novelty

    Every kid needs a tub of nasty goo and an insect suspended inside! Educational but mainly just fascinatingly icky. The range of creepy crawly insects includes spiders, scorpions, dragonflies and beetles. Comes in assorted colours. An assortment is...

  • Betty Boop 3D Motion Clock Unpackaged View Betty Boop 3D Motion Clock Packaged View

    3D Motion Clock - Betty Boop with Moving Legs & Eyes

    Betty Boop has too much time on her hands! The classic cartoon diva is decked out in her red dress and high heeled shoes. Her luminous green eyes move back and forth along with her pretty gartered leg. 2 AA batteries are required but not...

  • Homer Simpsons 3D Motion Clock Moving View Homer Simpson 3D Motion Clock Packaged View Homer Simpson 3D Motion Clock Unpackaged View

    3D Motion Clock - Homer Simpson w/ Moving Hands & Eyes

    It’s always time for The Simpsons! This officially licensed Homer Simpson 3D Motion Wall Clock is the perfect accent to any fan’s room. Faced with two of life's hardest questions, Homer's eyes move side to side, and his arms move up and down...

  • Classic Black and Scarlet Red Kit-Cat Clocks Retro Kit Cat Clock Scarlet Red Limited Edition The Original Kit-Cat Clock

    The Original Kit-Cat Clock

    For 80 years, the original Kit-Cat Klock has hung in homes of families around the world. Perched on the wall, Kit-Cat swings his tail and rolls his eyes as time ticks by. The classic design hasn't changed much since the 1950s, making the Kit-Cat Clock...

  • Drinking Bird Boxed Drinking Bird Side View Lucky Drinking Bird Water Glass

    Amazing Drinking Bird

    Give the gift of scientific wonder when you give our Drinking Bird! This nostalgic novelty uses thermodynamics to keep this bird bobbing into a glass of water. Perfect for wasting time at the office or mesmerizing the kids with science. Dimensions:...

  • 12866 Bendy Rubber Chicken  Bendy Rubber Chicken 12866

    Rubber Chicken Bendy 5" Figure

    HE’S FUNNY NO MATTER WHAT HIS POSITION IS If you’re in search of perfectly pliable poultry to perch precariously on a precipice, this is the product for you! This 5" tall, soft vinyl rubber chicken is bendable and comes with an illustrated...

  • Dashboard Pug Buddah 12734 - Dashboard Pug Buddah

    Dashboard Pug Buddah

    The Dashboard Pug Buddha is for anyone who needs a calm friend on their commute. Pugs may not look like they know the wisdom of the ages, but they do seem to know the secret to happiness. This hard vinyl Dashboard Pug Buddha is 5" tall and mounted on a...

  • Dashboard Hula Girl

    Dashboard Hula

    All dashboards can be improved by the presence of this quality Dashboard Hula Girl. She sways her 5-1/4'' tall body gracefully to and fro on springy hips under a silky tasseled ''grass'' skirt. Made of vinyl with adhesive base...

  • Dashboard Jesus Unboxed View Dashboard Jesus Boxed View Dashboard Jesus

    Dashboard Jesus

    The Dashboard Jesus is ready to be your copilot as you drive through the highways and byways of life. Just don't ask this Jesus to take the wheel, he is made of plastic and his arms are not long enough to effectively steer a car. Each 4'' Jesus figure...

  • Emergency Bigfoot

    Emergency Bigfoot

    Sounds that will trick even the most experienced Bigfoot hunter!  You’re probably wondering how we got the actual Bigfoot to make sounds for our Emergency Bigfoot noisemaker. Let’s just say we bribed him with pizza and an IPA. This...

  • EV-TSM7097 Cat Butt-On Cat Butt-On

    Emergency Cat BUTTon Keychain

    Crazy cat ladies rejoice! Now you can carry a reminder of your furry pet with you wherever you go. It may not be of the end you want to cuddle with, but this cat butt-on will make you laugh with its 5 hilarious flatulent sounds...

  • Instant Audience Button

    Instant Audience Button

    You just told the best joke anyone has ever told and the wet noodles around you aren't even laughing. There is no justice! Well, our Instant Audience lets you carry around the crowd reactions you deserve. This 3-1/2" electronic Instant Audience...

  • Random Insult Generator Random Insult Generator The Insultinator : Insult Generator

    Insultinator: Random Insult Generator

    Never be at a loss for words again! Take name calling to a whole new level with this handy device that randomly generates THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of different insulting phrases. With the press of a button, it formulates a perfect, and perhaps...

  • Joke-A-Day


    Just spin the wheel and see which joke you will play today. With 7 jokes to choose from, every day will be a joke filled day. The perfect gift for any dad, kid or jokester out there!   Details:  Dimensions: 10.75" in...

  • Retro Potato Gun

    Retro Potato Gun

    Stuff their stocking with one of the coolest retro toys ever! Our Retro Potato Gun lets you use potato power for hours of safe and good ol' fashioned fun! Just insert the tip of the toy gun into the potato to make your own pellet -- 300 of them from ONE...

  • Guide to Farts

    A Guide to Farts Book with Sound Effects

    Whether you've been caught downwind of a smelly breeze, or released a dub with more squeak than stink, this book contains all the guidance you need to let one rip like a pro. Learn how to identify each whiff and become an expet in fart execution with...

  •  Box of Practical Jokes House of Marbles Lord Phartwell Box of Practical Jokes Lord Phartwell Box of Practical Jokes House of Marbles Lord Phartwel Practical Jokes box Box of Practical Jokes

    Lord Phartwell's Big Box of Practical Jokes

    Lord Phartwell's collection of practical jokes and gags will get everyone laughing. Disgusting, disturbing and indulgently puerile!   Includes the 5 classics in a clever gift box: ‘Nail-Through-Finger’ gag A revolting Rubber...

  • Cat Finger Puppets Cat Finger Puppets On Fingers View

    Cat Finger Puppets SET OF TWO

    Finally, a cat that does what you want it to do!  Now you can always have a cat at the tip of your fingers! They come in four different styles (breeds) and are perfect for putting on a kitty puppet show that is almost certainly guaranteed to annoy...

  • Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set Packaged View Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set Blue Puppet Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set Green Puppet Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set Red Puppet Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set Pink Puppet

    Deluxe Finger Monster Box Set

    This set of four 2" tall, soft vinyl finger monsters have unique colors, plus an illustrated window box that makes them a perfect gift item. Your fingers have never been so scary! Details: Dimensions: Each puppet stands 2" tall  Materials:...

  • Magnetic Baby Face

    Magnetic Baby Face

    AWWW… LOOK AT BABY’S BEARD Some babies are born bald. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could give them hair? Just move the metal shavings with the magnetic plastic wand and create baby hairscapes that boggle the imagination! From hipster to...

  • Panic Pete Squeeze Toy - squeeze Panic Pete Squeeze Toy - package Panic Pete Squeeze Toy

    Panic Pete Squeeze Toy

    Don't Panic Pete!!! Squeeze his belly and watch his eyes, nose and ears POP! A classic toy that never goes out of style. Dimensions:  4.5" tall x 2.5" wide Packaging: Full colour illustrated open window box Materials: Plastic Licensed by: Art...

  • Ultimate Geek Pen

    Ultimate Geek Pen

    Indulge your gadget-loving geekiness wih this high tech pen!  This high-tech gadget has enough bells and whistles to make most geeks drool. Twist the metal tip and you get a ballpoint pen. Press the top button to turn on the laser pointer, press...

  • Wind-Up Sushi 5 Assortment

    Wind-Up Walking Sushi

    Finally, it's ok to play with your food! Our wind-up walking sushi make cute and clever gifts or stocking stuffers. Collect all the styles, and try to race them! Details: Dimensions: Approximately 3" tall  Materials: Plastic 

  • Zit Headz EV-TSM7676 EV-TSM7676 Zit Headz EV-TSM7676 Zit Headz ball Zit Headz EV-TSM7676  stress ball

    Zit Headz - Totally Gross Squeeze Toy

    Satisfyingly squishy and oh so gooey! Go aHEAD and give this gnarly 3" noggin a squeeze for pimple poppin' gross out fun. Details: Squish him and his pimples pop out, release and they go back inside. Measures 3"

  • Emergency Underpants Dispenser Emergency Underpants Dispenser

    Emergency Underpants Dispenser

    Fresh underpants when you need them! One pair of Emergency Underpants is great, but what if, um, you like, uh, have another emergency? Don't fret, we've got you partially covered with the Emergency Underpants Dispenser. These boxes look a lot like...

  • The Willy Warmer Packaged View The Willy Warmer Unpackaged View

    The Willy Warmer

    Prevent embarrassing shrinkage when the temperature drops (or when your most important extremity pales in comparison to the rest of you). Our Willy Warmer is a hysterical gift for any occasion! It’s a heater for your peter! Details: Dimensions:...

  • Bigfoot Discovery Kit Unpackaged View Bigfoot Discovery Kit Packaged View

    Bigfoot Discovery Kit

    With this kit, you'll find Bigfoot for sure! Everybody is out searching for Bigfoot these days and we’re here to help. Our Bigfoot Research Kit contains items that easily double (maybe triple!) your chances of finding Bigfoot. Kit contains...

  • Unicorn Discovery Kit

    Unicorn Discovery Kit

    All the stuff you need to find a unicorn is in this box.  Ok Ok...  You don’t really find a unicorn, but a unicorn does find you!! This kit helps you discover your inner unicorn and perhaps attract the unicorn of your dreams. Includes a...

  • Handi Squirrel Finger Puppets Boxed View Handi Squirrel Finger Puppets Unboxed View Handi Squirrel Finger Puppets Outside View

    Handi Squirrel Finger Puppets

    Unless you’re nuts, you’ll realize that having a squirrel on the end of your arm is way more interesting, though less practical, than your boring old hand! This set of five soft vinyl finger puppets (four 2-3/4” paws and a 1-3/4”...

  • Handi-Pug Handi-Pug Packaged View

    Handi-Pug Finger Puppets

    Is your hand begging for pizza?  Your mediocre old hand really isn’t that lovable, so why not turn it into an adorable, wrinkly pug? This set of five soft vinyl finger puppets, one 2" (5.1 cm) pug head and four 1-1/2" (3.8 cm) paws,...

  • 10795 - Tiki Mugs Set of 4 Tiki Mugs Set of 4 10795 10795 Tiki Mugs Set of 4

    Tiki Mugs, Set of 4

    LOUNGE LIZARDS LOVE THESE TIKI MUGS! Now you can look cool even when you're drinking Kool Aid! A set of 4 highly sophisticated 5-1/2'' ceramic Tiki Mugs in all their collectable glory will give an edge of hip to even the lamest beverage. Perfect for...

  • cat tiki mugs cat tiki mugs archie mcphee

    Cat Tiki Mugs, Set of 4

    You'll look so cool drinking with a Cat Tiki Mug in-hand, even your cats might acknowledge you. Ok, probably not, but all your friends will! Every cat lover will want our set of 4 highly sophisticated 5-1/2'' ceramic Tiki Mugs in all...

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