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  • Nee Doh The Groovy Glob The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH The Original NEE DOH

    The Original Nee Doh Groovy Glob Stress Ball

    The Classic Nee Doh is the Groovy Glob that started it all! The original NeeDoh ball is known for its durable squish that helps you mellow out and soothe your soul. Available in an array of bright colours, the Classic NeeDoh makes for an exciting sensory...

  • Squeezy Peek Hatchers Squeezy Peek Hatchers - Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Dino Squeezy Peek Hatchers- Unicorn

    Squeezy Peek Hatchers

    These Squeezy Peak Hatchers hold the cutest pop-up surprises! The teenie eggs are cracked open just slightly, revealing an adorable mini creature just waiting to peak out of its shell. Just give it a squeeze and out pops a dear little creature! Choose...

  • Crystal Nee Doh Crystal Nee Doh in hand Crystal Nee Doh Collection

    Crystal NeeDoh

    The Crystal NeeDoh is a groovy Glob of gratifying goo that gleams, glimmers, and glistens. This iridescent wonder will help you mellow out and find inner peace and tranquility! If you’re feeling stressed or on edge, you knead NeeDoh. The shimmering...

  • Gobs of Globs NeeDoh in Package NeeDoh Gobs of Globs in Hand

    Gobs of Globs Nee Doh

    Get groovy with a whole bunch of Teenie NeeDoh to squish and squeeze! Gobs of Globs is a pack of 18 teenie weenie groovy globs in an exciting assortment of bright colors. If you’re feeling stressed or on edge, reach for a Teenie NeeDoh (or a whole...

  • NeeDoh Dohnut Stress Toy NeeDoh Dohnut Stress Toy NeeDoh Dohnut Stress Toy

    NeeDoh Dohnut Stress Toy

    Here it is! The DOH-lectable, non-edible, frosting swapable, squishable Dohnut! This soothing sensory ball is filled with a dough-like material inside its flexible skin. Each donut has a colorful floppy frosting that can be removed from the donut and...

  • Shaggy Nee Doh Shaggy Nee Doh in hand Shaggy Nee Doh Collection Rear View - Shaggy Nee Doh

    Shaggy NeeDoh

    Shaggy NeeDoh is the squishy, squeezy, super-shaggy, Groovy Glob. Give Shaggy NeeDoh a squeeze, a squish, a smush, or simply pet its shaggy surface. It’ll soothe your soul and get you feeling groovy. Each Shaggy NeeDoh is filled with a non-toxic,...

  • NeeDoh Funky Pup Assortment Pink Funky Pup Purple Funky Pup NeeDoh Funky Pup in Hand

    NeeDoh Funky Pup

    Feel the Funk! Here's the Puptacular way to Mellow Out! Cuddle up with this Funky Pup and give it a squeeze. Squish Me Touch Me Pet Me Pinch Me Squeeze Me Take some time to mellow out and decompress with this Nee Doh Funky Pup. This soothing...

  • Stardust Nee Doh Stardust Nee Doh in hand Stardust Nee Doh Collection Rear View - Stardust Nee Doh Side View - Stardust Nee Doh

    Stardust NeeDoh

    Stardust NeeDoh helps you squeeze your way into a world of wonder! This galactic groovy glob allows you to feel like you’re holding a handful of shimmering stardust. Each Stardust NeeDoh is filled with a soft glitter compound that always returns to...

  • Marble Super Nee Doh Super Nee Doh - Green Super Nee Doh - Orange Super Nee Doh - Purple

    Marble Super Nee Doh

    Get your swirly squeeze on with Swirl NeeDoh! The bright colors make this NeeDoh just as fun to watch as it is to squeeze and smush! Each Swirl NeeDoh is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like substance that always returns back to its original shape...

  • Packaged Dumbbell Rattle Dumbbell Rattle for Babies Baby Dumbbell Rattle

    Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle

    Buff Baby turns Junior into a bench-pressin' body-builder! Your little one's curiosity will be piqued by the gentle rattle sound and natural hand-grips, while your sense of irony will be satisfied by watching Junior do 3 sets of 10. it,...

  • Zoltar Talking Keychain

    Zoltar Talking Keychain

    Everyone loves the all-knowing animatronic fortune-telling machine, and now you can carry it with you! This Zoltar Talking Keychain features six iconic phrases from this famous fortune teller such as "If you think you can or you think you can't...

  • Talking Keychain

    Star Trek Talking Keychain

    Beam aboard the Starship Enterprise and travel through space with your favourite crew by your side. This Star Trek Talking Keychain says six fun phrases from the Star Trek original series including "Live long and Prosper", "Space, the final...

  • Dance in Your Pants Musical Keychain

    Dance in Your Pants Musical Keychain

    Dance In Your Pants Musical Keychain is a portable dance party! With six looping beats, this fun keychain will keep the party turnt. Press the buttons simultaneously to create your own dance anthem. Grab yours today to get a dance party going wherever...

  • Vampire Snot container Display case

    Vampire Snot

    AH-AH-AHCHOO! Tis the spooky season for some freshly sneezed vampire snot to keep your child giggling and entertained for hours on end as they smash, squeeze, pinch and twist this incredibly ooey, gooey, slippy, drippy, nontoxic bloody red...

  • Tiny Ball Mazes Model View Tiny Ball Mazes Packaged View Tiny Ball Mazes Trio View Tiny Ball Mazes Design #1 Tiny Ball Mazes Design #2

    Classic Tin Maze Game

    Are you up to the challenge? These Tin Ball Mazes are as fun as they look, but not as easy as they seem! A colorful tin base lies under metal ball bearings that creates a sturdy feel for at-home or portable play. Each base has a captivating printed...

  • Beardies Model View Brown Beardies Black Beardies Beardies Packaged Back View

    Beardies for Kiddies

    These hilarious beards are perfect for so many occasions from the school play to role play at home! Made of the highest quality material, they will surely stand the test of PLAY-time and will make a man out of you! Simply pull the straps over your ears...

  • All Seeing Eyes Ball Model View All Seeing Eyes Ball All Seeing Eyes Ball Packaged View

    All Seeing Eyes Ball

    The all-seeing Eyes Ball has you spotted! This fun, freaky ball is full of ever-changing googly eyes. Just give it a tap, and Eyes Ball lights upon impact. Details: Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"  Materials: Rubber  Packaging: Full colour...

  • Nutty Squirrel Popper Nutty Squirrel Popper Front View Nutty Squirrel Popper Side View Nutty Squirrel Popper Nutty Squirrel Popper Packaged View

    Nutty Squirrel Popper

    Squeeeeze the squirrel to see it pop out! The perfect stress reliever. Details: Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"  Materials: Rubber  Packaging: Full colour illustrated hang tag  Suitable for ages 3+   

  • Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Packaged Side View #1 Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Packaged Front View Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Back View Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Side View

    Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank

    It’s yummy bubble blowing fun! Saving really does have a reward with our classic Dubble Bubble gumball bank! This classic gumball machine has over 50 “Double Bubble” gumballs and features the official Dubble Bubble logo. It also has a...

  • Care Bears Surprise Figures Collect All 10 Care Bears Surprise Figures

    Care Bears Surprise Figures

    Care Bears Surprise Figures pour all of the heart of the Care Bears into these adorable 2-inch collectible figures. Each figure is packed in one of three brightly colored cases, just waiting to pop out and surprise their new friend! All figures come with...

  • Bike Streamers

    Bicycle Streamers

     Trick out your bike and have the coolest ride in the neighborhood with these rainbow bike streamers! These festive bike streamers attach to your bike handle bars and adds fun to any bike ride. Insert the spring clip of the streamers into the holes...

  • Bicycle Horn Packaged Side View Bicycle Horn - Trio View Bicycle Horn Packaged Back View

    Bicycle Horn for Kids Bike

    Outfit your bike or scooter in style! Clear the way with a heck of a honk by squeezing the rubber ball on the Bike Horn. It makes an unmistakable noise that lets everyone know you’re coming! The Bike Horn easily fastens to any bike’s handle...

  • Bike Airplane Packaged Front View Bike Airplane Bike Airplane Packaged Back View

    Bicycle Airplane with Spinning Propeller

    Hop on your bike and fly! Not only will you look stylish, the propeller also spins as you ride making you feel like you're really flying!  Details: Easy to mount and includes instructions  Materials: Plastic  Packaging: Blister...

  • Retro Yo-Yo Packaged Side View Retro Yo-Yo Retro Yo-Yo Packaged Front View

    Retro Metal Yo-Yo

    Show off your skills with our new retro Yo-yo! There’s nothing more fun than a classic metal yo-yo, used to impress your friends as you “walk the dog”, “rock the cradle” and go “around the corner”. Perfect for...

  • Retro Balloon Powered Boat Retro Balloon Powered Boat Unpackaged View

    Retro Balloon Powered Boat

    Take to the seas with this amazing paddle boat! Escaping air propels the wooden boat through water. Includes 3 balloons and a boat. Details:  Dimensions: Wooden boat measures approximately 3.5" x 2.75" Packaging: Full colour illustrated...

  • Retro Jacobs Ladder Retro Jacobs Ladder Packaged View Retro Jacobs Ladder View #3 Retro Jacobs Ladder View #4

    Retro Jacobs Ladder

    Our classic Jacobs Ladder is full of colourful fun! Just turn the end and watch a cascade of color fall. Comes in a window box. Details: Packaging: Full colour illustrated box with window  Suitable for ages 4+ 

  • Retro Floating Ball Game Packaged View Retro Floating Ball Game Retro Floating Ball Game Unpackaged View

    Retro Floating Ball Game

    How long can you make this ball float? Challenge you family and friends! This classic game of science demonstrates Bernoulli’s Principle, the Law of Pressure Differential. Gently blow into the 6″ pipe and watch the ball...

  • Retro Juggling Balls Packaged Side View Retro Juggling Balls Retro Juggling Balls Packaged Front View

    Retro Juggling Balls (Set of 3)

    Amaze your friends with your juggling talents with this set of 3 classic juggling balls. Done in the traditional red, blue, yellow and green patterns, these bean-filled balls are the right size and weight and won't roll away if dropped...

  • Retro Glider 4 Pack Packaged Front View Retro Glider 4 Pack Packaged Back View Retro Glider 4 Pack

    Retro Glider Planes (4 Pack)

    Take to the skies with our Retro Glider 4 Pack! Includes 4 easy to assemble foam gliders. They are easy to fly with spinning propellers! Details: Materials: Foam  Packaging: Full colour illustrated box  Each pack contains 4 retro...

  • Travel Spirograph Packaged View Travel Spirograph Contents View Travel Spirograph In Use View

    Travel Spirograph

    The classic way to make countless amazing designs! Now you can create countless amazing designs on the go with the classic Travel Spirograph! This portable Spirograph studio has a built-in design ring, work surface and storage compartment for holding...

  • Spirograph Die-Cast Collector's Tin Set Packaged Front View Spirograph Die-Cast Collector's Tin Set Packaged Back View Spirograph Die-Cast Collector's Tin Set Contents View

    Spirograph Die-Cast Collector's Tin Set

    The classic way to make countless amazing designs! The ultimate Spirograph collector’s set is here! This 50th anniversary edition features the iconic Spirograph drawing wheels, upgraded for the first time ever in die-cast metal! With the nine...

  • Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series Keychain View Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series  by KidRobot Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series Display Case View Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series Individual Box View

    Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series by KidRobot

    Through a hole in the baseboard of a workshop is a world of underground caverns, grottos, lakes and streams, and flora and fauna that is Fraggle Rock. Now you can take your favorite Fraggle or Doozer with you wherever you go with Kidrobot x Fraggle Rock...

  • Log-Shaped Pillow Log-Shaped Pillow Log-Shaped Pillow

    Sleep Like a Log - Shaped Pillow

    You'll sleep like a log with this lightweight novelty log print pillow - looks just like the real thing! The outside cover of the Log-Shaped Pillow is made of comfortable polyester and spandex, and is filled with micro beads for the ultimate head...

  • Snowman Splat Ball Set of 3 Snowman Splat Ball in Action! Snowman Splat Ball Snowman Splat Balls - 3-Pack

    Snowman Splat Balls - 3-Pack

    Do you get a bit stressed out during the hub-bub leading up to Christmas?  Take it out on this smiley splat ball snowman.  Don't worry... you can throw him to the floor as hard as you want!  He will bounce right back into his original...

  • Plush Snowman Snowball Set of 10

    Plush Snowman Snowball Set of 10

    These snowballs are cute and festive and perfect for an impromptu indoor snowball fight.  Details: Each pack comes with 10 snowman snowballs Materials: Plush with fill Packaging: Clear bag with cardboard hang tag 

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