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Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Cereal Battle Game

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If you remember the General Mills cereal monsters, you'll love this game where it's fun to play with your food! Pick your favourite Monster Cereal character and battle to see who can "eat" the most cereal. In this fast-paced game of luck and strategy, players collect as many Cereal Cards in their Bowls as they can. Each Monster has special powers to give you an advantage and help you gobble up the most cereal. Use Milk Tokens to combine Cereal Cards and take bigger bites. The Monster Cereal character that munches the most wins the game!

The game features:

  • Boo Berry
  • Count Chocula
  • Fruit Brute
  • Fruity Yummy Mummy
  • Franken Berry.

Includes: 180 Cereal Cards, 5 Cereal Bowl Placards, 10 Monster Power Placards, 15 Milk Tokens, and Instructions.