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Animaniacs Ultimates! Action Figure: Wakko

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“Faboo!” There’s not a sandwich he wouldn’t scarf, mallet he wouldn’t wield, or symphonic masterpiece he wouldn’t belch. Wakko is truly a Warner for all seasons!

This 7” scale highly-articulated Animaniacs ULTIMATES! figure of Wakko features premium details and comes with interchangeable heads & hands, and a variety of other accessories from some of his most memorable episodes and gags. Now’s time to boingy, Boingy, BOINGY your way over to get your Wakko ULTIMATES! figure.


  • Approximately 7 inches tall
  • Includes 2 interchangeable heads, 1 Tongue-out head, 1 Roman Empire helmet head, 9 interchangeable hands, 2 Neutral hands, 2 Opening show hands, 2 Playing violin hands, 1 Mallet gripping hand, 1 Dynamite gripping hand, 1 Pointing finger hand, 2 interchangeable tails, Neutral tail, Crooked tail, 1 Blackboard U.S. map, 1 Violin, 1 Mallet, and 1 Stick of dynamite
  • Bendable and poseable
  • Packaging:  Fully Illustrated Colour Box
  • Officially Licensed