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Fraggle Rock Blind Box Keychain Series by KidRobot

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Through a hole in the baseboard of a workshop is a world of underground caverns, grottos, lakes and streams, and flora and fauna that is Fraggle Rock. Now you can take your favorite Fraggle or Doozer with you wherever you go with Kidrobot x Fraggle Rock keychains. Featuring your favorite Fraggle Rock characters like Uncle Matt, Boober and Mokey, and even a handful of Doozers, this collectible vinyl keychain series is a must have for all of us 80's kids. Kidrobot can neither confirm nor deny the inclusion of a furry friend. Take your life to an all-new level of nostalgia with one of Jim Hensons masterpieces brought to life by Kidrobot!

Below are the odds of getting each keychain:

Wembley Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
Uncle Matt Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
?? - ??/??
Red Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
Mokey Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
Gobo Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
Ada Keychain - 2/24
Milly Keychain - 2/24
Doozer 3 Keychain - 1/24
Cotterpin Keychain - 1/24
Boober Fraggle Keychain - 2/24
Architect Keychain - 2/24
?? - ??/??
Tomas Keychain - 2/24


  • Dimensions: Each keychain measures approximately 2" tall and wide 
  • Materials: Plastic and metal keychain 
  • Packaging: Full colour illustrated box 
  • Licensed by: Jim Henson