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Krampus 10-Inch Tree Topper

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This scary Christmas Tree Topper is of Krampus, the scary folklore creature who is half demon and half goat.  It was said that Krampus would punish the children who misbehaved while Santa gave gifts to those who were nice. This Krampus tree topper Stands 10 Inches x 3 Inches - The perfect size to top off any size tree. This fun topper works with any size tree, real or fake. His arm and feet have openings so you can slide him onto the tree. He has three built in magnets that are hidden when on the tree. These are used to get a good grip on a fake tree. When using on a real tree: trim the tree in a way that he holds on well, and he'll stay like this until it's time for the tree to come down.

Dimensions: 10 inches tall

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Packaging: window box