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Littlest Pet Shop Safari Play Pack

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Attention all Littlest Pet Shop fans young and old! Prepare to be thrilled as LPS Generation 7 makes its debut.

Embark on a thrilling Safari Adventure with our Safari Play Pack! Inside, you'll find a trio of wild bobblin’ head pets: Rhino #55, Giraffe #53, and Monkey #54. Equipped with 9 adorable accessories, a collector card, a virtual code, and a collector’s guide, this pack promises endless excitement.

Join our intrepid explorers as they traverse the jungle in their trusty jeep, conquer towering sand dunes, and discover new animal friends on their epic safari escapade. Get ready for a wild ride filled with wonder!

Say hello to LPS Generation 7: Series 1, marking the dawn of a new era in Littlest Pet Shop fandom!

Step into excitement as we welcome over 65 delightful new companions in series 1. From playful Pandas to charming Cats, quirky Axolotls to adorable Anteaters, the lineup is brimming with diversity. Get acquainted with this essential crew, each boasting its own unique personality, breed, and rarity level.

Embark on an adventure with the Littlest Pet Shop virtual experience! Unveil exclusive pets and unravel surprises by using the code found on the coin. Immerse yourself in a next-gen journey like never before.

Discover the charm of your new companions with LPS pets, adorable 2” collectible figures boasting bobbling heads. Utilize the collector’s card to uncover each pet's distinct personality, breed, and rarity level.

Immerse yourself in the virtual realm! With the code provided on your coin, unlock a plethora of surprises, including virtual pets. Simply scan the QR code on our packaging or the back of the collector card to delve deeper into the experience.

Littlest Pet Shop isn't just about collecting; it's about fostering community and sparking imaginative play. Revel in the joy of unboxing and bonding with your new pet-friends. Collect, share, and trade as you delve into the enchanting world of LPS! Welcome aboard!