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Mystery Date Game in Nostalgia Tin

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Girls - be ready when your date calls at the door! 


Here is a game full of surprises, where the players are preparing to go on a mystery date. It may be a formal dance, a skiing trip or a bowling or beach party. They must be ready when their date arrives at the door. The thrill of it is that when a player opens the door, she never knows which date will appear. She may be ready for skiing, only to find, upon opening the door, the date is dressed in a tux ready to go to a formal dance. Worst of all, she may open the door to find the dud and lose valuable time in getting rid of him. The first girl to open the door and find the proper date for which she is ready is the lucky winner! 


  • Contents:
    • Game board with mystery door 
    • 5 mystery dates 
    • 48 clothing/accessory cards 
    • 4 pawns with stands 
    • 1 die 
  • Packaging: Retro metal tin 
  • Licensed by: Hasbro 
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • 2-4 players