• Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4 Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4

    Fun Food Glass Ornaments Set of 4

    This set of four hand-painted glass Fun Food ornaments will remind you of all the sweets and treats enjoyed at carnivals and fairs. Includes: Candy Apple, Popcorn, Hamburger and French...

    MSRP: C$39.99
    Was: C$39.99
    Now: C$24.99
  • Sno Ball Mini Molds Packaging - Sno Mini Molds

    Sno Ball Mini Molds

    Sno-Ball Mini Molds are the perfect way to create a winter wonderland. These easy-to-use molds allow you to make unicorns, panda bears or hearts in minutes! Decorate your yard, or use in a friendly...

  • Sno Buddy Snowman Side - Sno Buddy Sno Buddy Mold

    Sno Buddy Snowman Mold

    Make fast, easy snow sculptures! Sno-Buddy is a blue snow mold that lets you create a snowman in seconds!Just pack each half of the mold with snow, snap them together and pull them apart to...

  • Sno Stompers Pink (Bear Paw) Blue (Penguin) Green (Dinosaur)

    Sno Stompers

    Make footprints in the snow! Sno-Stompers come in three colours and will allow your child to leave cool footprints behind on a snowy walk. Use the straps and buckles to secure the Sno Stomper to...

  • Sno Shot Sno-Shot front Sno-Shot back Sno-Shot model


    The Sno-Shot gives you an advantage on the snow-covered battlefield. Use the mold on the handle to help create perfect sized snowballs then load it into the Sno-Shot, pull back and launch it...

  • Mini Sno Markers Contents Back of Box

    Mini Sno Markers

    Mini Sno Markers make a plain white snowman even more magical! This set gives you five colours to turn your snow into art. You have enough colour to fill each marker twice. It's easy -...

  • Sno-Art Kit by Ideal Sno-Art Kit Sno-Art Kit contents

    Sno-Art Kit for Winter Play

    This Sno-Art Kit has everything your child needs to express their creativity and take colouring fun outdoors. This kit includes Sno-Markers that are used to paint and decorate snow by mixing...

  • Sno-Man Kit Sno-Man Kit back Sno-Man Kit inside

    Sno-Man Art Kit

    Everything (but the snow!) in one kit to create a fantastic SNOWMAN. All the classic SNOWMAN parts to create the classic snow sculpture - the Top Hat, Carrot Nose, and Button Mouth. Plus, the...

  • Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig

    Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig

    Transform into Santa's better half with our Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig. This wig takes any Mrs. Claus costume to the next level with it's precious waves and ribbon-tied bun in back. This wig fits most...

  • Deluxe Plush Santa Costume

    Deluxe Plush Santa Suit

    If you're gonna be Santa then you should do it right with our Deluxe Plush Santa Suit. This soft and cuddly suit includes a Santa hat, jacket, pants, belt, and furry boot tops. Choose your size and...

    C$99.99 - C$109.99
  • Deluxe Santa Claus Wig & Beard Set

    Deluxe Santa Claus Wig & Beard Set

    No Santa suit could possibly be complete without our Deluxe Santa Claus Wig & Beard Set. This set takes any Santa costume to another level with its realistic hair and beard. This set is sized for...

  • Deluxe Velvet Santa Costume

    Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit

    If you're gonna dress up like the big man in red then why not go all out with our Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit! This Santa costume has all you need to be the best Santa you can be, whether for a holiday...

  • Oreo Cookie Stocking Stuffers - Set of 3 Side - Oreo Cookie Stocking Stuffers Back - Oreo Cookie Stocking Stuffers

    Winter Oreo Cookie Sleeves (Set of 3)

    Survive winter with the world's most twistable, lick-able, and dunk-able cookie!Give a delicious gift with OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, North America's favourite sandwich cookie for over 100...

    MSRP: C$9.99
    Was: C$9.99
    Now: C$4.99
  • Cranberry Procescco Gift Kit

    Cranberry Procescco Gift Kit for 4

    This Cranberry Prosecco for 4 gift kit includes a pouch of Cranberry Prosecco mix, and four stemless sparkling Procescco flutes. Each flute comes with a colourful iridescent finish and one of...

  • 13" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) Close-Up of Detail Large and Small Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree 13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    13" Retro Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Vintage vibes only when you plug in our retro-look Ceramic Halloween Tree. Light up this shiny black beauty to see more than 50 acrylic purple and orange bulbs glow. (The orange ones are shaped...

  • 7.25" Halloween Tree Small Halloween Tree (Lifestyle Shot) 7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    7.25" Black Ceramic Halloween Tree with Pumpkin Pegs

    Our battery-operated retro 7.25" Ceramic Light-Up Halloween Tree makes the perfect spooky accent to your Halloween home. The plastic purple and orange pegs are lit from inside the tree by bright LEDs...

  • Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa

    Mad Gabs Holiday Lip Balm - Hot Cocoa

    Celebrate the holidays with a little Moose Smooch under the moose-L-toe (get it?)! Our Hot Cocoa Moose Smooch Lip Balms are sure to keep your lips happy all winter long. They make the perfect gift...

  • Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament

    Canadian Bagged Milk Christmas Ornament

    Any American can leave Santa a glass of milk... in Canada, we give him the whole bag! Yup, bagged milk is a quintessentially Canadian thing, and our Canadian Bagged Milk Ornament will help you...