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  • Huer Root Beer Bottle Gummies huer Root Beer Bottle Gummies

    Huer Root Beer Bottle Gummies

    Chew your way through the refreshing taste of the Huer Gummy Rootbeer Bottles! This gummy candy is deliciously filled with the delightful taste of rootbeer and it even comes in the old-fashioned shape of a glass soda bottle! It's refreshingly delicious...

  • Claeys Root Beer Hard Candies Bag

    Claeys Root Beer Hard Candies Bag

    Step back in time with the nostalgic taste of Claeys Root Beer Hard Candies. These classic candies capture the rich, creamy flavor of root beer in a delightful hard candy form, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and taking a trip down memory lane...

  • Claeys Watermelon Hard Candies Bag

    Claeys Watermelon Hard Candies Bag

    Savour the refreshing taste of summer with Claeys Watermelon Hard Candies. These old-fashioned candies are perfect for those who appreciate the nostalgic flavour of sweet, juicy watermelon captured in a classic hard candy form...

  • Reed's Rolls - Cinnamon Hard Candy

    Reed's Rolls - Cinnamon Hard Candy

    Savour the bold flavour of classic cinnamon in these timeless hard candy rolls from Reed's, perfect for a long-lasting and satisfying sweet treat. Details: Each roll contains 7 individually wrapped candies Each roll 29g Made in the UK

  • Disney Jumbo Sparkle Plush - Dumbo 17

    Disney Dumbo 17-Inch Sparkle Plush by Ty

    Bring home the charm of Disney's beloved Dumbo with this delightful Sparkle plush by Ty. Featuring Dumbo's iconic big ears and endearing expression, this plush toy captures the heart and wonder of the classic character. Perfect for fans of all ages, the...

  • Disney Beanie Babies - Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse Sparkle Plush by Ty

    Bring home the beloved charm of Disney's most iconic character with the Mickey Mouse Sparkle plush! This adorable plush toy features Mickey in his classic red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves, capturing his timeless and endearing look. Perfect for...

  •  I Love Lucy in Blue Polka Dot Dress Ornament

    I Love Lucy in Blue Polka Dot Dress Ornament

    This I Love Lucy In Blue Polka Dot Dress Ornament celebrates the timeless humour and iconic style of Lucille Ball. This meticulously crafted ornament pays homage to one of Lucy's most memorable and beloved looks, capturing the essence of her classic...

  • Squirting Flower

    Squirting Flower

    Enter the world of playful pranks with our Squirting Flower. This classic joke toy, disguised as a cheerful flower, offers a fun surprise – a gentle squirt of water! Ideal for friendly pranks, it will elicit laughter and light-hearted surprises...

  • Spider Surprise Box

    Spider Surprise Box

    Prepare for a mix of surprise and laughter with the Spider Surprise Box! Crafted as a seemingly ordinary wooden tea box, it conceals an amusing shock – a spider with red eyes that springs out unexpectedly. Ideal for those who relish a playful...

  • Amusing Disguise Display Amusing Disguise Glasses

    Amusing Disguise Glasses

    Prepare for a burst of laughter with our Amusing Disguise! This playful pair of glasses with bushy eyebrows, a sizeable comic nose and a moustache is a recipe for instant hilarity. Ideal for injecting a dose of humour into any situation, these glasses...

  • Classic Candy Buttons Candy Buttons Display

    Classic Candy Buttons

    Nothing beats a classic! This package of Classic Candy Buttons by Candy Funhouse includes 2 poppable sheets of candy buttons, for a total of 96 pieces. Flavours include: Cherry Lemon Lime Details: Package dimensions: 12" x 2" Made by...

  • M&M's Classic Mix

    M&M's Classic Mix - Plain, Peanut & Peanut Butter

    The M&M's Classic Mix brings together three delicious varieties of M&M's candies in one convenient pack: Plain, Peanut, and Peanut Butter. Each type of M&M's offers a unique flavor and texture experience, making this mix a popular choice for...

  • Dominoes Dominoes

    Classic Dominoes by Kikkerland

    Challenge your friends and family to a game of logic and strategy. Portable and easy to carry, this game will supply fun on-the-go. Details: Dimensions: 7" X 4" X 1.5" Packaging: FUll Colour Illustrated Box Players: 2-4 Time: 5-30 Content: 28...

  • Folding Cribbage Board Folding Cribbage Board

    Classic Cribbage Board by Kikkerland

    Dating back to the 1600's, Cribbage is one of the earliest games still played today and has many variations. Used in tandem with a standard deck of playing cards, this wood bard game includes metal pegs for scorekeeping that store in a secret compartment...

  • Official Walt Disney Quote Book Disney Quote Book Chapter Disney Quote Book Examples

    The Official Walt Disney Quote Book

    As part of the Disney 100th Anniversary festivities, this must-have quote book showcases insights from Walt Disney, along with rare Disney photographs.Walt Disney once said, "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure...

  • Santa Stops at Disneyland Golden Book

    Santa Stops at Disneyland Little Golden Book

    Every Christmas Eve, Santa flies around the world, delivering presents to good children. But before that, he stops at Disneyland to spread a little holiday cheer at the happiest place on Earth! Featuring beloved locations from all around Disneyland,...

  • Classic Dumbo Little Golden Book

    Dumbo Disney Classic Little Golden Book

    Everyone's favourite big-eared little elephant finds his way to the skies in this uplifting Little Golden Book. With artwork from the 1940s, all of the original charm and beauty of the Disney classic can be found in this vintage book...

  • Pop! Foodies: Popcorn Bucket Pop! Foodies: Popcorn Bucket Pop! Foodies: Popcorn Bucket

    Pop! Foodies: Popcorn Bucket

    Add a deliciously fun touch to your collection with Pop! Foodies: Popcorn Bucket! This vinyl figure features a classic popcorn bucket design, complete with the traditional red and white stripes. Details: Dimensions: 3.85" tall Packaging: Window box...

  • Chip & Dale Salt and Pepper Shakers Chip & Dale Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Chip & Dale Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Step up your Salt and Pepper game with these fun Chip & Dale Salt and Pepper Shakers! This unique salt and pepper shaker set is constructed from BPA-free and toxin-free ceramic and is hand-wash or spot clean only.This Ceramic Salt and Pepper...

  • Elvis Presley Stemless Wine Glass

    Elvis Presley Stemless Wine Glass

    Sip in style as you enjoy the smooth notes of your favourite vintage from this Elvis Presley stemless wine glass. The gold-rimmed elegance and pink gradient are designed to make each pour feel as timeless as the King himself...

  • Peanuts Ceramic Camper Mug

    Peanuts Ceramic Camper Mug

    Sip your way to nostalgia with this Peanuts gang camp mug, and let Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang make your coffee breaks more fun! Wrap your hands around this whimsical mug and enjoy a cozy trip down memory lane with your favourite comic strip...

  • 40 ounce Stainless Steel Travel Mug - Betty Boop

    Betty Boop 40-Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Sip in style with the Betty Boop 40-ounce travel mug! This stainless steel marvel boasts a handle for easy gripping, a straw for carefree sipping, and a sliding lock to keep your libations safe on the go – the perfect companion for any journey...

  • Superman Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Superman Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    This Superman 22 oz. stainless steel travel cup has double walled stainless steel and includes a travel lid featuring a sliding lock to prevent spills. It measures about 7 3/4-inches tall and holds 22 ounces. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, it fits...

  • Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo on Card Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo Collection of Duncan Yo-Yo's Retail Display of Duncan Yo-Yo's

    Duncan Classic Series - Imperial Yo-Yo

    The Duncan Imperial yo-yo features a traditional, narrow shape that's excellent for practicing looping tricks with ease. Its timeless design and responsive play make it a great choice for yo-yo enthusiasts of all skill levels. For more than eight...

  • Pokey Bendable Figure Pokey Bendable Figure

    Pokey 6-Inch Bendable Figure

    Here comes Gumby's best friend Pokey! The little horse from the classic TV show is back and still as loveable as ever. Always there to help his friend out, the loyal little guy is a must have for your vintage toy collection. Bendable and poseable, this...

  • Regal Crown Sour Grape Candy Regal Crown Sour Grape Candy Regal Crown Sour Grape Hard Candy

    Regal Crown Sour Grape Hard Candy

    Regal Crown hard candy has finally made it’s return! Tart and fruity but smooth and still wrapped in wax paper. Regal’s blend of tartness along with the original old-world recipe, natural colors & flavors and individual wrapping makes...

  • Packaging Gumby Bendable

    Gumby 6-Inch Bendable Figure

    He was once a little green slab of clay, but now Gumby is a flexible toy that can sit, stand, hang on and bend! These iconic pal is fun and flexible! Details: 6 inches tall  Ages 3+  

  • Felix the Cat Bendable Figure Felix the Cat Bendable Figure

    Felix the Cat Bendable Figure

    Righty-O! Our Felix the Cat Bendable Figure includes his bag of tricks! The classic cartoons of yesteryear featured this adorable little cat in black and white silent movies. He could sing and dance and always carried with him his famous little...

  • Classic Candy Land Board Game in Retro Box Classic Candy Land Game and Components Box Back: Retro Candy Land

    Classic Candy Land Board Game in Retro Box

    This classic 65th Anniversary Edition of Candy Land features the charming graphics and components from the game's early days! Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun! Details: Dimensions:  16.25" x 9.63" x 1...

  • Mr. Bill Bendable Keychain Packaged View Mr. Bill Bendable Keychain Unpackaged View

    Mr. Bill Bendable Keychain

    "Ohh Nooooo!" Fully bendable and poseable, now Mr. Bill is an action figure keychain! A functional keepsake designed to hold your keys and provide hours of fun wherever you go!  Details: Dimensions: Figure is approx 3...