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Stranger Things Fridge Magnets

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Transform your kitchen with these Stranger Things Magnets.

Create an amazing Stranger Things scene of your own design with this brilliant fridge magnet set based on the popular Netflix series. The four sheets contain 136 individual magnets of instantly recognisable Stranger Things imagery and characters. featuring  silhouettes of terrifying creatures like the Demogorgon and Mind Flayer, as well as the main characters riding on their BMX bikes. Set up an eerie night forest backdrop with the trees and stars, or words of your choice with the sheet of letters that includes the full alphabet. In addition, there are a colourful range of recognisable logos relating to the series to truly turn your fridge into the Upside Down!

These magnets should not fall off your fridge. If they do... run!

The Stranger Things Magnets are a wonderful way to accessorise your home. Fans of the Netflix original series will love displaying them in their living spaces.


  • Includes four sheets with a total of 136 fridge magnets  
  • Perfect for fridges, freezers and other magnetic surfaces
  • Officially Licensed