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First 100 Words From The 90s Board Book

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A pop culture primer for babies, First 100 Words From the 90s is da bomb!

Throw on those baggy jeans, your favorite pair of slouch socks, and take your baby on a stroller ride back in time to share the most popular and iconic music, tv shows, toys, films, and fashion of the 90s! Never mind apple, ball, cow, and dog. Your little one is ready for the 411 on 90s words like Ally McBeal, boy bands, Clueless, and Doc Martens!

Featuring 100 phat 90s words and phrases, bright and playful illustrations, and 5 fly pop culture categories. It’s all that . . . and a bag of chips!

Parents, grandparents, and cool aunts and uncles can introduce young readers to their favorite decade.  Reading together supports print motivation, print awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, and phonological awareness
Be the rad-est gift giver in the room at baby showers, gender reveals, and birthday parties




  • 20 Pages
  • Board Book
  • Publisher:  Insight Kids
  • Ages 1-4 years