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  • Die Hard Feet and Glass Fridge Magnet

    Die Hard Feet and Glass Fridge Magnet

    This magnet is bloody great! Our Die Hard Feet and Glass Fridge Magnet is the perfect way to remember this cringe worthy scene when John McLane walks barefoot through broken glass in Nakotomi Plaza. A great addition to your beer fridge or office tower...

  • Polar Express Button Set

    Polar Express Buttons - Set of 4

    We believe! Show off your love for Polar Express when you wear or display our collection of 4 mini buttons! The set includes 4 different graphic pins with images inspired by the movie. Buy them for yourself or gift them to someone you love. Each...

  • Christmas Movie and TV Trivia Cards Christmas Movie and TV Trivia Game Christmas Movie and TV Trivia Game Contents View

    Christmas Movie and TV Trivia Game

    Our Christmas Movie and TV Trivia game is the perfect gift for all of those who annually turn December into a movie marathon. Have you seen every TV special and festive rom-com out there? This is for you! With 100 unique questions, you'll be sure to to...

  • Seinfeld 4 Button Set on Card

    Seinfeld Buttons - Set of 4

    Show your love for Seinfeld with this four pack of buttons! The set includes the following four pins: Seinfeld logo, It’s The Summer of George!, Vandelay Industries, and “Are You Still Master of Your...

  • Die Hard Activity and Colouring Book Cover Bruce Willis Die Hard Coloring Book Inside

    Die Hard Activity and Colouring Book

    Experience Die Hard in a fresh and creative way with this authorized coloring and activity book featuring favorite scenes and quotes from the beloved classic movie. Dimensions: 11" x 8.5".  Soft cover Published by: Harper Collins Canada Ltd.

  • Box - Festivus Playing Cards Seinfeld Festivus Playing Cards Deck - Festivus Playing Cards

    Festivus Playing Cards

    Finally, there is a new way to demonstrate your feats of strength! Bring this Seinfeld deck of cards to your own Festivus celebrations to air your grievances with friends and family alike.   Details: Dimensions: 2.8”W x 3...

  • Bad Santa Playing Cards

    Bad Santa Playing Cards

    This officially-licensed deck of playing cards features the one and only twisted Bad Santa.  One might say this deck is more appropriate for poker rather than Go Fish! Details:  Dimensions: 2.8”W x 3.8”H Packaging: Full colour...

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  • Bendable Mr. Bean Figure Packaged View Bendable Mr. Bean Figure Unpackaged View

    Mr. Bean Bendable Figure

    Bend and bumble your way through hilarity with the Mr. Bean bendable figure, capturing the iconic character's comic antics in every pose. With flexible limbs and a rubbery demeanor, this bendable Mr. Bean is ready to bring a touch of goofiness and...

  • Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game- cards assortment Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game- back

    Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game by Funko

    Multiply your fun in this fast-paced, Gremlin-slapping, card game! Ready: Gremlins are causing chaos! Capture them and save Christmas! Set: Take turns playing cards on locations from the hit movie. Slap!: Slap matching pairs of Gremlins to score...

  • The Santa Clause, Scott Calvin wrapped in lights

    Pop! Movies: The Santa Clause - Scott Calvin in Lights

    From The Santa Clause, Funko presents Scott Calvin as he was starting to transform into Santa Claus, complete with his red suit and pot belly. Unfortunately for him he’s also managed to tangle himself in some Christmas...

  • Santa Mickey Mouse Nutcracker

    Santa Mickey Mouse Nutcracker

    Santa Mickey Mouse is wearing a traditional red and white Santa suit complete with a belt sand Santa hat! He is also holding his list and checking it twice.  Details: Dimensions: 10" tall  Materials: Wood and resin  Packaging: Full...

    MSRP: C$84.99
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    Now: C$74.99
  • A Die Hard Christmas Book A Die Hard Christmas - the Beginning A Die Hard Christmas - Terrorists A Die Hard Christmas - Shooting A Die Hard Christmas - Table

    A Die Hard Christmas Illustrated Story Book

    A delightful Christmas storybook for adults based on the action-packed Die Hard movie!All John McClane wants for Christmas is to reunite with his estranged family. But when his wife’s office holiday party turns into a deadly hostage situation, he...

  • Festivus Pole is Easy to Assemble! Table Top Festivus Pole. Celebrate Festivus in the Office! Festivus for the Rest of Us!

    Table Top Festivus Pole & Base Kit (2 Foot 8 Inches)

    Celebrate Festivus, the Holiday for the Rest of Us, with your very own Festivus Pole, made famous by Frank Costanza on Seinfeld! The 2 Foot 8 Inch Table Top Festivus Pole Kit includes the aluminum Festivus Pole and a collapsible aluminum base designed...

  • Festivus Kit - 9" Desktop Pole and Greeting Card Set

    Festivus Kit - 9" Desktop Pole and Greeting Card Set

    Perfect for Seinfeld fans, this Festivus kit includes a 9" desktop Festivus pole and set of three Festivus greeting cards (blank inside). The 9" unadorned desktop Festivus pole is made from aluminum and comes with a simple wooden base. Also included are...

  • Tabletop Festivus Pole in box Tabletop Festivus Pole

    Seinfeld 20" Festivus Pole & 3 Greeting Cards

    Celebrate a Festivus for the Rest of Us with our Festivus Desktop Pole and Greeting Card Set from Seinfeld! This 20″ desktop pole is made of unadorned aluminum (which enjoys a very high strength-to-weight ratio) on a simple wooden base. It comes...

  • Tim Allen's The Santa Clause Ornament Tim Allen's The Santa Clause Ornament Contents

    Tim Allen's The Santa Clause Christmas Ornament

    Fans of The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen will immediately recognize this special Santa suit ornament. A miniature Santa suit on a little clothes hanger comes beautifully gift boxed and ready for giving. Also included are two of Santa's special...

56 of 56 Items