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Possum in a Peanut

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Welcome to a magical land that looks like the idyllic countryside of a children’s book, but is truly an improbable place where alliterative animals drive around in legume cars. This pull-back peanut piloted by a possum is 5" long, has four wheels and is made of soft vinyl and plastic. More than just a possum in a peanut, we consider this toy to be a transdimensional portal into a superior alternate reality.

More than a possum toy, this is the key to an imaginary landscape you can escape to in your mind. You can imagine that he is on a commute from his home under a porch to the alley with the best garbage. Where did he buy his peanut car? Probably from some local pug craftsman who builds them in his spare time. This is the best Possum in a Peanut we've ever seen.