Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee

  • Bacon Flavoured Candy Canes

    Bacon Candy Canes

    Bacon lovers will lick themselves silly over our bacon-flavoured candy canes! These unsuspecting 5.25-inch tall candy canes look like your regular everyday candy canes, but just one lick and BOOM...

  • Hot Dog Candy Canes

    Hot Dog Candy Canes

    WIENER WIENER HOT DOG DINNER   Hot Dog Candy Canes will remind you of school lunches and backyard BBQs. Instead of cookies this year, maybe Santa would prefer a wiener? Boiled, grilled...

  • Kale Candy Canes Kale Candy Canes Archie McPhee

    Kale Candy Canes

    ALL THE FLAVOUR OF KALE WITH NONE OF THE NUTRITION All your Christmas dreams have come true! Kale Candy Canes are here! No more pesky holiday flavours to worry about, just the bitter grassiness of...

  • Ketchup Candy Canes Archie McPhee Ketchup Candy Canes

    Ketchup Candy Canes

    THE BEST CANDY CANE TO EAT WITH FRENCH FRIES Everyone's favourite condiment, but for Christmas! Do you know what makes mediocre food edible? Ketchup! So, just imagine how a ketchup-flavoured candy...

  • Pickle flavoured Candy Canes

    Pickle Candy Canes

    Christmas can be a difficult time for someone who isn't that into sweets. If you're the savory sort, you might prefer the dill tang of our Pickle Candy Canes. Not only do they have an elegant green...

  • Sardine Candy Canes

    Sardine Candy Canes

    PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE PACKAGED THESE IN A TIN   These Sardine Candy Canes are inspired by the stories that every Christmas Eve, Santa spends all night eating sardines straight from the...

  • Sour Cream and Onion Candy Canes

    Sour Cream and Onion Candy Canes

    Sour Cream and Onion Candy Canes celebrate that most under appreciated part of holiday celebrations, dips! Whether you’re snacking around the tree or watching a Christmas movie together,...

  • Krampus Glass Ornament Krampus Ornament

    Krampus Glass Ornament

    This is an ornament for the dark side of the tree. Krampus is the Germanic anti-Santa Claus that punishes naughty children. Just because he’s evil, doesn’t mean he can’t...

  • Bad Hair Day Magnetic Novelty

    Bad Hair Day Magnetic Novelty

    Use the magnetic wand to give Jane a bad hair day! We’ve all been stuck inside for a while, with limited access to hairdressers. That has led to some crazy hairstyles during video conferences...

  • Bigfoot Air Freshener Car Bigfoot Air Freshener

    Bigfoot Air Freshener

    Let Bigfoot fill your car with the scent from his native habitat with our pine-scented Bigfoot Air Freshener. He measures 5 inches long and can be hung in your car, RV, or any place else you please...

  • Blobfish Glass Christmas Ornament

    Blobfish Glass Christmas Ornament

    THAT BLOB MAKES YOUR TREE LOOK AMAZING! Of all the decorations on your tree, this one will be the blobbiest. It’s a 4-1/2" hand-blown glass ornament in the shape of a puffy, glittery...

  • Council of Monsters Playing Cards Monster Playing Cards

    Council of Monsters Playing Cards in Tin

    OF COURSE A VAMPIRE IS THE KING OF HEARTS If you love monsters as much as we do, this deck of Council of Monsters Playing Cards will haunt your dreams — in a good way. This is the official...

  • Yodelling Pickle

    Electronic Yodelling Pickle

    THIS PICKLE IS THE ULTIMATE CONVERSATION PIECE... THAT ALSO YODELS! Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? So...

  • Finger Squirrels Finger Squirrels in Action! Finger Squirrels

    Finger Squirrels

    A GROUP OF SQUIRRELS IS CALLED A SCURRY So many squirrels! These soft vinyl finger squirrels come in four different colors. You’d be nuts not to buy them and give them out to your squirrely...

  • Bigfoot Erasers Pink Bigfoot Eraser Groovy Bigfoot Erasers in Box A gathering of Bigfoot Erasers

    Groov'n Bigfoot Eraser

    IT’S BIGFOOT AND IT’S FREAKY These Bigfoot Erasers are the perfect thing to erase all the things “the man” has forced you to think. Bigfoot doesn’t want your harsh...

  • Handiclaus Finger Puppets Packaged View Handiclaus Finger Puppets Unpackaged View Handiclaus Finger Puppets Lifestyle Shot

    Handiclaus Finger Puppets

    Your kids will believe in Santa Claus when they see your boring hand gussied up for Christmas with Handiclaus. Arrange these finger puppets on your fingers and bam, instant Santa! Only a hand...

  • Happy Axolotl Glass Christmas Ornament Happy Axolotl Glass Christmas Ornament Lifestyle Shot

    Happy Axolotl Glass Christmas Ornament

    If Santa were hip to trending animals, he’d drop those old school reindeer (yawn) and switch over to a sleigh drawn by a team of axolotls. Thus, our Axolotl Ornament. Axolotls are amphibious,...

  • Happy Axolotls Happy Axolotls in their habitat! Happy Axolotls in Box

    Happy Axolotl Vinyl Figure

    AMPHIBIOUSLY ADORABLE Anyone who knows what an axolotl is will want at least a few of these! These 3" long, soft vinyl axolotls come in four glorious color combinations. They’re even...

  • Instant Underpants in Tin Just add water! Display of Instant Underpants

    Instant Underpants in Tin

    NEED UNDERPANTS IN A HURRY? JUST ADD WATER! These underpants are conveniently compressed into a compact pellet. Just soak them with water momentarily and they'll loosen up so that you can pull them...

  • Itty Bitty Gargoyles Itty Bitty Gargoyles Packaged View Itty Bitty Gargoyles Unpackaged View Itty Bitty Gargoyles Lifestyle Shot

    Itty Bitty Gargoyles

    You need the right tool for the job, and these Itty Bitty Gargoyles are exactly what you need to repel miniature malevolence. Gargoyles are the protectors of buildings and personal space. The...

  • Made with Love Sandwich Bags Made With Love Sandwich Bags  - Pack of 20

    Made With Love Sandwich Bags - Pack of 20

    One of the best parts about bringing lunch from home is that it was handmade with love! These bags, with lipstick kisses, remind the person eating that they aren't eating processed food packaged in a...

  • Squirrel in Underpants Ornament

    Squirrel in Underpants Ornament

    Do you look at your Christmas tree every year and think something is missing? We've solved the problem with our Squirrel in Underpants Ornament.Every tree needs a squirrel in underpants. You’d...

  • Tardigrade Glass Christmas Ornament

    Tardigrade Glass Christmas Ornament

    THAT BLOB MAKES YOUR TREE LOOK AMAZING! Of all the decorations on your tree, this one will be the blobbiest. It’s a 4-1/2" hand-blown glass ornament in the shape of a puffy, glittery...

  • Vulture Glass Christmas Ornament Vulture Glass Christmas Ornament Unpackaged View Vulture Glass Christmas Ornament Lifestyle Shot

    Vulture Glass Christmas Ornament

    The Vulture Ornament is ready to help you celebrate the holidays! This vulture’s only wish for Christmas is a festive carcass under the tree. If that can’t happen, it’s happy...