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Tetris Tetrimino Wooden Puzzle

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The Tetris Tetrimino Wooden Puzzle is a delightful and challenging puzzle that brings the iconic Tetris game into the physical world. This wooden puzzle features pieces shaped like the classic Tetriminos, offering a fun and engaging way to test your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills


  • Rack your head around this 3D Tetris Brain Teaser puzzle. There’s multiple ways to solve it!
  • It encapsulates the fun and addictive gameplay of Tetris in the form of a flat wooden puzzle board.
  • Can you fit all 7 wooden Tetrimino pieces into the pattern on the board? It’s harder than it looks! Wooden puzzle board is 12cm x 16cm.
  • There are multiple ways to solve the puzzle so get creative and start twisting and stacking Tetriminos just like in the game.
  • Officially Licensed Tetris Merchandise.from Fizz Creations.